ESTHR lets loose about the pandemic and lockdowns

UK-based elctro rock act ESTHR have been regularly releasing singles for about four years, and their latest effort “Violence” is stellar in every way.

Not only do the music and lyrics convey the anger of what’s been happing in the world this year, the production and mix highlight that energy quite nicely. It probably helped that the band had to write the song remotely, likely fueling the frustration being poured into the song.

In fact, judging by the sound you’d think you’re listening to a major label act, it’s that good – yet ESTHR is an independent band. It shows that they’ve clearly got their priorities straight and know that to have a shot in music, they have to put out the best product possible, and they’ve certainly done that!

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EJ Mann swings big with “It’s Automatic”

This isn’t British rocker EJ Mann’s first rodeo: he’s been making music for quite some time now, playing in bands such as The Minority and The Call – not to be confused with the 80s US band of the same name.

It’s often difficult to choose which songs to write about, because there’s so much great music out there these days. “It’s Automatic” made it easy though, grabbing listeners’ attention with a simple, yet classic, drum intro that rolls right into the start of the song.

Newer artists may have made the mistake of jumping into the song right away, or perhaps having a much longer intro. EJ didn’t do that – he found the right spot in between to have a short but effective intro.

Moving on from there, the lead guitar pulls you in even further. As things build through the verse, the arrangement does an amazing job of highlighting the vocals, but keeping the guitars just interesting enough that they’re also a highlight of the song.

Definitely keep EJ on your radar, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more great tracks soon!

EJ Mann Music · It’s Automatic

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American Thrills are just “Regular Blokes”

Based in Connecticut, American Thrills is a product of the pandemic. The band is made up of members of The Tired and True as well as Shut Up and Deal.

With an EP produced by Nick Bellmore (who has worked with Hatebreed and Make Do and Mend) on the way, saying I’m excited to hear more from this band would be an understatement. The EP will be released on December 18th, so keep your ears peeled!

With such a clean and clear mix, combined with their new classic punk sound akin to Off With Their Heads and Dropkick Murphys, American Thrills is ready to grow their audience!

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One more and The Dirty Nil

If you’ve been keeping up with what I’ve been sharing on RMP this year, you know this is at least the third time I’m sharing a new track from The Dirty Nil.

Normally I try not to share too much music from the same artist… But these songs have hit me so hard, I just couldn’t resist.

The band’s upcoming third full length drops on January 1st, 2021 and you can rest assured that it’s as killer as the singles from front to back. The album, which is being released by Dine Alone Records, will not disappoint you.

Until the album drops, you can enjoy one more from The Dirty Nil, “One More and The Bill” – take a listen!

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I’ve shamelessly had We Were Sharks on repeat all week

I don’t know how, but apparently I’ve slept on We Were Sharks for nearly a decade. After hearing this song, I asked some friends if they knew We Were Sharks… And one of them did.

So, ensue sharing their back catalog and my friend sending me her favorite songs. Ok, so somehow this band’s music evaded me until now. That’s ok.

Let’s make up for it by sharing their kickass new song, “Shameless”! You can listen below, and if you like what you hear, I have good news: the band will be releasing a new album in 2021 on Known Accomplice/Cadence Records and Revival Recordings.

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This is not the end for Lovesick Bombs

Lovesick Bombs is not your typical band.

In fact, they don’t call themselves a band at all – they prefer “art and music collective”, because their aim is to bring together visual artists and musicians.

Their EP This Is the End is out now and features great catchy riffs seemingly influenced by Alkaline Trio, as well as two more laid back acoustic tracks.

You can hear the lead single, “The Apartment” below and listen to the whole EP using the links below.

One thing’s for sure – I hope this is not the end for Lovesick Bombs!

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Bleach The Sky – Her Skin

If you love music from the 90’s then you’ll love hearing it in Bleach The Sky’s “Her Skin”.

Catchy vocals and a classic feel to the song, you’ll fall in love with this song in no time.

Bleach The Sky are an alternative band from Boston, MA. You can follow them on Bandcamp as well as their Facebook page!


HopeFool – The New Age

HopeFool have recently release their second single, “The New Age” and it’s fantastic!

What stands out most in “The New Age”, are the powerful vocals and killer drums.

HopeFool are a hard rock band from Austin, Texas. To stay in the loop with what the band is up to, follow them on Facebook!


Don’t be an outcast – listen to Vice Versa

Sacramento-based metalcore/progressive metal band Vice Versa are back – with a new twist on their sound, no less.

Fusing traditional metalcore riffs with modern electronic elements, I can’t help but draw a connection between Vice Versa, who is much heavier in general, and their fellow Sacramentans Jamie’s Elsewhere (yeah, bet you haven’t thought of that band in roughly a decade).

I enjoy Vice Versa’s fresh take on blending styles – they’ve successfully avoided being another cookie-cutter band like so many are these days.

Check out the song below!

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This Halloween, it’s time to lose control

British rock band Foxhaunt have released an epic new video for their song “Out Of Control”.

The song has a massive wall of sound with a driving beat to keep the energy flowing. Not surprisingly, the stellar writing and production are accompanied by an exciting video filled with smoke bombs and flames.

Overall this is a great track, and Foxhaunt is a band I’ll be keeping my eye on – you should, too!

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