Are you falling asleep watching generic metalcore videos?

That’s what happened to Canadian metalcore act As The Structure Fails – though they weren’t watching, they were filming their video for “All The Weight”.

In all seriousness, it seems to be a commentary on generic and overused shots found in countless metalcore videos, which have become cliche and boring over the years.

If you want to rock out to a killer song while enjoying a good laugh at the expense of the bands As The Structure Fails is calling out, take a look now!

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The God Particle brings down the “Guillotine,” with the help of Chris Clancy and Dan Sugarman!

Jeff Sanna is at it again, with his solo metal project, The God Particle. Teaming up with Dan Sugarman, from Ice Nine Kills, and Chris Clancy, from Mutiny Within, they bring us “Guillotine.”

The track starts off strong with your typical massive guitars and bell tolls, fit for a Viking invasion. Between heavy chugging and more intricate riffing, the guitar prowess is ever-present throughout the entire structure. Chris’ vocal performance on this one is extra full and beefy, while allowing the melodic nature to return in choruses. Of course there is a blistering solo section, so be sure to scope that out when listening! If you like a beefy power vocal, intricate lines, and instruments to match, you might like this extra metal track!

Give “Guillotine,” by The God Particle (Feat. Chris Clancy and Dan Sugarman) a listen, and be sure to follow them for future updates!

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Silverstein’s music will Live Like This

Canadian RMP faves Silverstein recently dropped yet another stellar track, titled “Live Like This”. The track does a good job of blending some of Silverstein’s poppier leaning sounds with the post hardcore style they’re known for.

Nothing,Nowhere features on the track, lending harmonies and backing vocals to the choruses.

For anyone who is unsure about modern ‘Stein, this is a track that should reassure you that the band is headed in the right direction.

The band’s album, Misery Made Me is out now!

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The God Particle offer a worthy metal “Sacrifice”

Canadian metal project “The God Particle,” hits us with one of their all-star lineup tracks “Sacrifice!”

Jeff Sanna’s solo project: “The God Particle,” brings on Chris Clancy and Dan Bage from Munity Within to lay down vocals and the guitar solo respectively on this song. The track is exceedingly massive, with a theatrical composition style, and soaring lead vocals that add depth and power to the mix. The rising energy that they radiate contrasts especially well with the growl vocals and distorted elements!

Overall, there is some great song writing here with a compelling intro, building of energy throughout, and vocal lines that will catch you by surprise. The song is quite a journey, and if you can appreciate a symphonic leaning style, with epic vocals, and technical performance, you will want to be on it.

Give “Sacrifice” a listen, and follow “The God Particle” to stay up to date on the rest of the album details expected this year!

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Wake up to some Caffeine, courtesy of Sunset Gore

Canadian hard rock act Sunset Gore have dropped a music video for their latest pair of singles, “Obsidian” and “Caffeine”. Musicians will know the feeling that creating or performing a great song brings – and that’s exactly what “Caffeine” is about, according to the band.

For fans of early 2000s hard rock along the line of Chevelle, Janus, or Deftones, Sunset Gore will be right up your alley. Explore the freedom that the band’s songs aim to share by taking a listen now!

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We Were Sharks track “New Low” raises the bar

Canadian pop punk act We Were Sharks have just released their latest album, New Low, as well as the title track from the album. The song revolves around the band’s ten years together and the fans who have stuck with them from the start.

The whole album is catchy from start to finish, so I highly recommend taking a listen in your favorite streaming app or pick up a copy from the band’s store!

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One more and The Dirty Nil

If you’ve been keeping up with what I’ve been sharing on RMP this year, you know this is at least the third time I’m sharing a new track from The Dirty Nil.

Normally I try not to share too much music from the same artist… But these songs have hit me so hard, I just couldn’t resist.

The band’s upcoming third full length drops on January 1st, 2021 and you can rest assured that it’s as killer as the singles from front to back. The album, which is being released by Dine Alone Records, will not disappoint you.

Until the album drops, you can enjoy one more from The Dirty Nil, “One More and The Bill” – take a listen!

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I’ve shamelessly had We Were Sharks on repeat all week

I don’t know how, but apparently I’ve slept on We Were Sharks for nearly a decade. After hearing this song, I asked some friends if they knew We Were Sharks… And one of them did.

So, ensue sharing their back catalog and my friend sending me her favorite songs. Ok, so somehow this band’s music evaded me until now. That’s ok.

Let’s make up for it by sharing their kickass new song, “Shameless”! You can listen below, and if you like what you hear, I have good news: the band will be releasing a new album in 2021 on Known Accomplice/Cadence Records and Revival Recordings.

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The Dirty Nil is ready to hammer this song into your head

The Dirty Nil have dropped another single leading up to the release of their third album, Fuck Art.

The Canadian trio aren’t afraid to go all out, bringing massive gang vocals to “Blunt Force Concussion” over a bed of driving drums, melodic guitars and a catchy hook.

The album drops on New Year’s Day 2021 via Dine Alone Records, so be sure to keep your ears out for more great songs leading up to the release.

In the meantime, enjoy “Blunt Force Concussion” – just don’t headbang so hard that you give yourself a concussion.

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Rarity ask that you Leave It Alone

Canadian rockers Rarity just dropped a new track, “Leave It Alone”. The song is a high-energy active rock track feature tight vocal doubling and harmonies, riffs galore, and hard hitting drums.

While I wouldn’t go as far as to say the band are massively influenced by Three Days Grace, the choruses do remind me a bit of mid 00s Three Days Grace – and that’s by no means a complaint.

Rarity is a great up and coming band that we should all keep our eyes on. Take a listen below!

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