Sakoya sell their souls to be “Painted in Gold”

Hard rock band Sakoya, drop a new powerful track “Painted in Gold.”

The grindy guitars and haunting bell sounds in this track provide a perfect space for the clean vocals. The push and pull of the verses to choruses leaves a wide range for dynamics and excitement ramping. Although there are not any growl vocals, the gritty distortion effects on verse melodies keep it spicey and aggressive. The weight and ambience of the riffing instrumental sections especially drew me in on this one. If you’re looking for a gritty and powerful hard rock song without constant growl vocals, this one is worth headbanging to!

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After Smoke Clears “The Fear” ensues with CJ McMahon!

London metal band, After Smoke Clears, swoops in with “The Fear,” a brutal combo with CJ McMahon from Thy Art is Murder.

What really draws me into this track is the increasingly intense and energetic growl lines. The track doesn’t stop at a singular style of showing aggression, alternating between slow and fast paced yelling. The main riff section really picks up with spitting lines and driving progressions. Being a bass player, I always enjoy a good crunchy bass line, and this track doesn’t disappoint when slowing down around the 1 minute mark. They’ve even found space for a chunky doom breakdown in this 3 minute banger. If you like a constant stream of aggression, with clarity and strong riffing, give this one a look!

Listen to “The Fear,” by After Smoke Clears here, and be sure to follow them for future updates!

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The God Particle brings down the “Guillotine,” with the help of Chris Clancy and Dan Sugarman!

Jeff Sanna is at it again, with his solo metal project, The God Particle. Teaming up with Dan Sugarman, from Ice Nine Kills, and Chris Clancy, from Mutiny Within, they bring us “Guillotine.”

The track starts off strong with your typical massive guitars and bell tolls, fit for a Viking invasion. Between heavy chugging and more intricate riffing, the guitar prowess is ever-present throughout the entire structure. Chris’ vocal performance on this one is extra full and beefy, while allowing the melodic nature to return in choruses. Of course there is a blistering solo section, so be sure to scope that out when listening! If you like a beefy power vocal, intricate lines, and instruments to match, you might like this extra metal track!

Give “Guillotine,” by The God Particle (Feat. Chris Clancy and Dan Sugarman) a listen, and be sure to follow them for future updates!

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“Forsaken,” but this time Everyone Loves a Villain!

Hard rock band, Everyone Loves a Villain, from Spokane Washington, drop an epic and aggressive track, “Forsaken.”

Not long ago we featured a track also titled “Forsaken,” and this one kills it as well! The guys in Everyone Loves a Villain knock this one out of the park with an all encompassing clean vocal, tight riffing, and bursts of aggression. The track has a nice contrast between massive guitars and lightly layered sections with creative electronic production techniques. The tone of the main vocal brings me back to the classic hard rock power of bands such as Disturbed. If you grew up on hard rock and metal, and can appreciate some new twists in production, don’t sleep on this one!

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Lüdo brings the energy to an otherwise “Negative Space!”

Post-hardcore band Lüdo, from Norway, bring us the twists, turns, and punch of the hardcore style!

“Negative Space” does a great job hyping you up with energy. You can almost feel the crowd surfers thrashing around you on the driving chorus line! The structuring of the song creates a dynamic soundscape that constantly moves forward without stagnating. The guys in Lüdo show some songwriting prowess with alternate chorus endings and a compelling breakdown to keep it rocking. The drums and guitars hit a groove that always seems to be flying at one hundred miles per hour and I’m absolutely alright with it.

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“MAKE MY DAY,” by listening to their new track “The Vandal”

Metalcore band “MAKE MY DAY,” from Tokyo, Japan, drop a face pummeling track “The Vandal!”

This song has the qualities of a high production metal track with heavy but smooth guitars, pounding drums, and barking growls. While holding down the heavy side, the track also gives way to a beefy clean vocal chorus complete with an effective stop to top off the transition! The breakdown shows off a unique approach with lo-fi effects on the vocal as well. Overall, it’s just a great track with lots of depth in the growling guitars, powerful lead vocals, and massive transitions.

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Amberstein counters toxicity with “The Comeback”

Melodic metal band Amberstein, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just dropped a new track “The Comeback!”

It has all the elements of metal you love, combined in a unique way! I especially love the use of that crunchy bass tone in conjunction with the classic deep guitar distortion. The stops in the rhythm guitars really give the riffs some clarity and definition throughout. With this punchy, growling modern metal production, and a wide heroic vocal reminiscing of early metal, the track really delivers. Be sure to listen to the end to snag a listen to the face frying guitar solo section!

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The God Particle offer a worthy metal “Sacrifice”

Canadian metal project “The God Particle,” hits us with one of their all-star lineup tracks “Sacrifice!”

Jeff Sanna’s solo project: “The God Particle,” brings on Chris Clancy and Dan Bage from Munity Within to lay down vocals and the guitar solo respectively on this song. The track is exceedingly massive, with a theatrical composition style, and soaring lead vocals that add depth and power to the mix. The rising energy that they radiate contrasts especially well with the growl vocals and distorted elements!

Overall, there is some great song writing here with a compelling intro, building of energy throughout, and vocal lines that will catch you by surprise. The song is quite a journey, and if you can appreciate a symphonic leaning style, with epic vocals, and technical performance, you will want to be on it.

Give “Sacrifice” a listen, and follow “The God Particle” to stay up to date on the rest of the album details expected this year!

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Get nerdy with Systems & Stories

Metal and nerd culture might not seem to have much of a crossover to the casual observer, but to those in the scene it’s well known: metalheads tend to be nerds.

Just take a look at Lords of the Trident, the self-proclaimed “most metal band on earth”. They throw an annual festival with classic arcade games galore!

That’s not who we’re talking about today, though – instead I’m happy to share “Raven” by Systems & Stories, a project fronted by Justin Trombetti.

So what’s the nerdy tie in here? Systems & Stories’ debut EP Infinite Diversity, coming this fall, is Star Trek themed. “Raven” specifically is written about the character Seven of Nine.

Take a listen now and stay tuned for the band’s EP, coming soon to a streaming provider near you!

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Asuna comes blazing in on “Chariots” with their new track!

Metalcore band Asuna, from Poughkeepsie, New York, drop a blazing new track, “Chariots!”

This song gets right into it with a brutal but grindy progression, but it doesn’t skimp on that power chorus we are all looking for! You’ll find heavy rhythms and lead guitar that show intricacy without overpowering the rest of the song. There is a strong use of panning and right left layering to create compelling transitions as well! This one is a classic heavy hitter that shows the best of both worlds in aggression and melody. I am also a sucker for breakdowns and solos, so get ready for that!

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