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When you think of Orange County and Socal as a whole, you probably think of pop punk, skate punk, etc… But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a scene for heavier music. Metalcore band Against The Sun recently released their newest track, “Search To Find”, which is filled with massive riffs, breakdowns, and all the aggression you’d expect from metalcore – combined with a poppy socal influence.

If your musical interests toe the line between metalcore and slightly poppier sounds, you’ll love Against The Sun – listen now!

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Ovtlier make us “Bulletproof”

Nu metal band Ovtlier from New York, give us a taste of invincibility with their track “Bulletproof.”

The track starts out with a spidery guitar progression of impending doom. That’s enough said right there right? You’re probably skipping right down to the bottom to check it out! The piece doesn’t just contain tension building guitar lines though. Ovtlier has included included elements of nu metal, hard rock, and classic heavy metal with soaring chorus lines, big drums, and even a solo guitar section. With a smooth blend of all characteristics of metal music, you’re not going to want to sleep on this track!

Take a listen to this one and catch our dudes on their US tour over the next month!

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Discover Festival Short News

ALT+LDN: New London Festival Brings Alternative Hip-Hop and Rock Music to Clapham Common

Alternative rock and hip-hop collide in a brand new festival on Clapham Common. London, get ready for ALT+LDN!

Bank Holiday Monday got even more excited with the announcement of a first alternative rock & hip hop festival in London. Taking place on August 30th 2021 on Clapham Common, don’t miss out your chance to see the best of the best. With headliners including Playboi Carti, MGK or british metlacore favourites Architects, there’s a lot to pick from.

Stay tuned for more band announcements and get your tickets here!

See full line-up here.


Get pumped up with New Zealand’s Voodoo Bloo

If you’re a fan of massive, in your face energy mixed with stellar riffs, you’ll be a fan of Voodoo Bloo and their track “MMA”.

The dynamics of the song ebb and flow wonderfully to keep things fresh, but don’t die down too low to kill the mood – this song is high energy through and through.

Have you ever imagined what Queens of the Stone Age might have sounded like if they were a punk band? Voodoo Bloo come pretty close.

Don’t just take my word for it, take a listen below – and don’t forget to check out their website for details on their debut album, Jacobus!

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Long Live The Lights sound the “Sirens”!

Houston Texas band Long Live The Lights, spent a whole year perfecting their new track for us and they call it “Sirens”.

Not only is it a straight up banger, it also boldly adds many elements of pop music to the heavy nature of the track. Synthesizers, high production vocals, heavy drums, and big guitars are all present in this piece. Electronic sounding drums mixed with live drums is a hard combo to hit, and these guys nailed it! The vocals are smooth and portray a compelling story backed with the power of the accompanying instruments.

Dive into this track and follow along with their lyric video below!

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You’ll love FANGZ – try to Prove Me Wrong

When writing a song, at least for a single, it’s important to get to the point. That’s what Australia’s FANGZ do: their new song “Prove Me Wrong” launches right into catchy vocals with a building guitar riff before heading into the first verse.

This is something I feel all artists should understand: it’s totally fine to have a long, drawn out, dramatic intro on a song… But that song should not be your single. So artists, do what FANGZ did: hook your audience from the start so they are intrigued and keep listening to the full song. You won’t regret it!

I could go on and on and on about the songwriting here, but instead I’ll just say this – listen for yourself below!

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Inhale Me show us what’s wrong and right with “Renegade”

Hungarian metal band Inhale Me bring us on a journey with their new track “Renegade”.

The track is an amazing culmination of hardcore style jamming, song enveloping vocals, and punchy rhythm sections. Starting strong with a pummeling of distortion and sound, the song then lifts into a well thought out chorus that floats in the mix. Inhale Me doesn’t stop there, with a breakdown contrasting between soft vocals and electronic elements, to an unhinged drum and growling section in retaliation.

The band uses some effective spatial elements that will keep you hooked until the end!

What does the essence of a renegade mean to you? Give it a listen and see how Inhale Me does things!

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