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American Thrills share “Blue Collar”

We’ve shared Connecticut-based heartland punks American Thrills a few times in the past, and the band keeps dropping great songs.

This time around, we’ve got “Blue Collar” which is off of a 4-way split EP that’s out today – you can get the split from your label of choice (each label has a unique disc).

“Blue Collar” highlights the classic punk style I’ve come to love, reminding me of bands like Dropkick Murphys – sans bagpipes – The Menzingers, etc. so if you’re a fan of those bands, be sure to give American Thrills a listen!

Find American Thrills on: their website | Instagram | Facebook


Amberstein counters toxicity with “The Comeback”

Melodic metal band Amberstein, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just dropped a new track “The Comeback!”

It has all the elements of metal you love, combined in a unique way! I especially love the use of that crunchy bass tone in conjunction with the classic deep guitar distortion. The stops in the rhythm guitars really give the riffs some clarity and definition throughout. With this punchy, growling modern metal production, and a wide heroic vocal reminiscing of early metal, the track really delivers. Be sure to listen to the end to snag a listen to the face frying guitar solo section!

Give “The Comeback” a scope, and follow Amberstein for future updates!

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The God Particle offer a worthy metal “Sacrifice”

Canadian metal project “The God Particle,” hits us with one of their all-star lineup tracks “Sacrifice!”

Jeff Sanna’s solo project: “The God Particle,” brings on Chris Clancy and Dan Bage from Munity Within to lay down vocals and the guitar solo respectively on this song. The track is exceedingly massive, with a theatrical composition style, and soaring lead vocals that add depth and power to the mix. The rising energy that they radiate contrasts especially well with the growl vocals and distorted elements!

Overall, there is some great song writing here with a compelling intro, building of energy throughout, and vocal lines that will catch you by surprise. The song is quite a journey, and if you can appreciate a symphonic leaning style, with epic vocals, and technical performance, you will want to be on it.

Give “Sacrifice” a listen, and follow “The God Particle” to stay up to date on the rest of the album details expected this year!

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Get nerdy with Systems & Stories

Metal and nerd culture might not seem to have much of a crossover to the casual observer, but to those in the scene it’s well known: metalheads tend to be nerds.

Just take a look at Lords of the Trident, the self-proclaimed “most metal band on earth”. They throw an annual festival with classic arcade games galore!

That’s not who we’re talking about today, though – instead I’m happy to share “Raven” by Systems & Stories, a project fronted by Justin Trombetti.

So what’s the nerdy tie in here? Systems & Stories’ debut EP Infinite Diversity, coming this fall, is Star Trek themed. “Raven” specifically is written about the character Seven of Nine.

Take a listen now and stay tuned for the band’s EP, coming soon to a streaming provider near you!

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