Compass & Cavern release “Puppies (Smile Back)”

Written before COVID changed the world, “Puppies” is Compass & Cavern’s commentary on being an introvert in an extrovert’s world. Paying homage to Canadian act PUP, the song utilizes interesting rhythms to break the mould of the standard 4/4 song and give the listener a unique experience.

Though the song reminds me quite a bit of PUP, I also find that the band brought in their own unique twist on the sound, so it’s a refreshing and original sounding take – rather than a carbon copy.

As you’re listening, don’t forget to smile back… Because what monster doesn’t smile at the sight (or sound) of a puppy, right?

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We Were Sharks track “New Low” raises the bar

Canadian pop punk act We Were Sharks have just released their latest album, New Low, as well as the title track from the album. The song revolves around the band’s ten years together and the fans who have stuck with them from the start.

The whole album is catchy from start to finish, so I highly recommend taking a listen in your favorite streaming app or pick up a copy from the band’s store!

You can find We Were Sharks ok: their website | Instagram | Facebook


Zebra Libra provides a breath of fresh air

RMP faves Zebra Libra are back with a new track and accompanying music video. Their most refined release yet, in my opinion, combines many aspects of early 2000s rock similar to artists such as The Killers, yet doesn’t sound out of date in 2021.

Quite the contrary, in fact. When it seems like 50% of the new music sent our way sounds like a poor facsimile of MGK’s latest album, “Black Delilahs” is a breath of fresh air. The rock-focused production sticks to its roots with drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. A few synths are tastefully sprinkled into the song, but not overwhelming to the sound.

If you’ve been feeling like me and want a breath of fresh rock sounds, “Black Delilahs” is a great spot to take a seat and listen for a few minutes!

You can find Zebra Libra on: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


Set yourself Free from the rock stereotype with Lost in Majority

Though rock spans a wide variety of genres, for the most part when you hear “rock” you can imagine what you’re going to hear and the song will fall somewhat within that range.

With Lost in Majority’s track “Free”, that’s not the case. It’s a surprising and fresh sound in the best of ways – it blends elements of electronic music with rock, which has of course been done before. Where it differs is that the song also incorporates elements that would seem at home in a rock opera, such as incredible dynamics between the verses and choruses, as well as lyrics that seem to be part of a larger story.

From the beginning, the song is intriguing – though the intro is long, which would often turn me off of a song, I’m hooked. The arrangement and composition hold my interest throughout the almost minute-long intro. Where the song really explodes is the first chorus.

Moving on through the song, there’s no point where I find my mind wandering away. It’s glued to the track the entire time. As the song comes to a close with an guitar solo building to the climax of the piece, I find myself wanting to listen again.

Take a listen now, this is not a song you want to miss!

Lost in Majority · Free

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“Take It”, you won’t regret it – new music from Lightshore

While the midwest (aside from Chicago) might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of music, it shouldn’t be ignored. With bands like 21 Pilots, Off With Their Heads, The Swellers, and more, there certainly is lots of talent to be found in the midwest.

Lightshore has the chops to become one of the next bands from the area to “make it”. The Bloomington, Indiana, based trio have the combination that’s needed in the alt rock world: catchy choruses, a unique sound, and solid production.

Their latest single, “Take It” is all of the above and then some. Take a listen now, you won’t regret it!

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Joker’s Hand shift gears with “War Profiteer”

Known for their modern alt rock sound, Torrance, CA, based duo Joker’s Hand have something new up their sleeves…

Their latest single, “War Profiteer”, is entirely out of left field as it’s a ska song rather than alt rock. But, that doesn’t change my opinion – I think it’s their best track yet! Joker’s Hand have really found their niche here, everything from the tight vocals to the danceable upstrokes fit together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.

Don’t let the incredibly catchy choruses fool you, the song has a serious message: it’s about people who profit off of the suffering of others.

The May release date is just in time for this song to hit summer playlists, so don’t miss out, take a listen now!

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“Take What You Need” from this new post-pop punk track!

Fake a Home from Phoenix Arizona bring a new track under the genre of what they call “post-pop punk.”

You can really hear the differences from standard pop punk in this song with the diverse structure and the aggression in the lyrical content as well as the breakdown section. The song brings you through a fast paced personal story of manipulation that hints at an underlying aura of anger.

Be sure to listen to the whole track and catch the pounding wall of sound and emotion in the breakdown and outro section!

You can find Fake a Home on: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp


Spice things up with “I Can’t Sleep”

Columbus, OH, rock duo Spice Jar have a clear sense of direction for their music.

While their influences can be heard in the track, it bursts with originality and their own unique twist on indie punk.

Somewhat ironically, the track’s most familiar sound is not from other bands of the genre, but the vocal melody of Mumford and Sons’ “Little Lion Man”. Hearing that melody over a punk song instantly piqued my interest, and I hope you will enjoy the juxtaposition as much as I do.

The band will be releasing their debut EP Rom-Com soon, so stay tuned!

You can find Spice Jar on: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


Young Fatigue Releases Am I Pretty Now?

Young Fatigue tears into the societal standards and unrealistic expectations for body type and image with their second single “Am I Pretty Now?”

Not only does it contain pertinent lyrical content to issues in today’s society, but the track is also full of twists and turns alternating between heavy guitar, calm verses, wide chorus sections, and a pounding drum-heavy breakdown. With a seemingly upbeat chorus, the song is contrasted with dark undertones with distorted guitars and grungy basslines.

Be sure to follow this London based alt-punk band as they continue their journey because you know Young Fatigue has more bangers on the way!

Young Fatigue · Am I Pretty Now?

You can find Young Fatigue on: Bandcamp | Instagram | Soundcloud


Proper Care for Your Vinyl: It’s Not That Difficult!

Have you recently gotten into collecting vinyl records? Maybe you’ve always been a collector of albums but have recently noticed some records aren’t in the best of shape anymore.

Whatever the case, you’ll want to make sure your vinyl records are properly cared for so that they can last a long time. In this blog post, we’ll provide five tips on how to store your vinyl records in order to preserve them!

A vinyl record on a turntable, spinning

Tip #1: Pick a good location for your music collection

Where you store your records is just as important as how they’re stored. Make sure that the area where you keep them has stable temperatures and low humidity levels, which can be done by storing vinyl in an enclosed cabinet or a climate-controlled room. It’s best to avoid storing vinyl in your basement or attic.

Vinyl records stored horizontally – an example of how not to store vinyl
How not to store vinyl records

Tip #2: Store records vertically

Vinyl records should always be stored vertically, with the label side up. Storing them horizontally or at an angle can cause warping and stretching of the record sleeve over time.

When you store your vinyl upright in a cabinet, make sure that they’re not tightly packed so that air is able to circulate around each album cover for optimal circulation and mildew prevention.

A man placing a vinyl record into his collection

Tip #3: Clean your vinyl records

A clean record is a happy record. To prevent dust buildup, it’s recommended that you dust off the album cover with a cloth before placing it back inside its sleeve every few months. The sleeves should also be dusted periodically to prevent any static build-up as well!

If possible, try to remove the dust before taking your records out of their sleeves to prevent the dust from sticking to the record due to static electricity.

A closeup of the sun, orange with several solar flares

Tip #4: Keep your vinyl records out of direct sunlight

Sunlight can cause the vinyl surface to warp, so make sure that you keep your records out of direct sunlight. Additionally, over time sunlight will also cause the album covers to yellow and age prematurely. Be sure to select a location where your records won’t be exposed to direct sunlight!

A cardboard box with tape and scissors

Tip #5: Use vinyl record storage boxes

If you don’t have shelf or cabinet space, use vinyl storage boxes to store your records in a cool, dry place. These sturdy cardboard or plastic containers will keep the dust off of your albums and sleeves while also being easy to stack on top of one another!

Parting thoughts

To sum things up, acquiring vinyl records is an easy hobby. However, you need to take proper care of your records to make them last a lifetime. We hope these tips have been useful!