From States Away rise from the mud with “Held Me Down”

Pop-punk band, From States Away, show their appreciation for all that have been there over the years in their new track, “Held Me Down!”

Held Me Down has all the punch and catchiness of your typical pop-punk song, with the addition of some extra grit, aggression, and lead guitar. I especially liked the fast-paced progression and guitar rhythm to build excitement throughout. As with more pop style tracks, the main vocal is extra strong in the mix, so I loved hearing the added aggression and supporting backup vocals. If you like a solid pop-punk style with a bit of guitar and driving distortion, this one might be one to catch!

Listen to “Held Me Down,” by From States Away here, and follow them for updates on their upcoming album!

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Daimy Lotus has a message for the D-Bags

Dutch pop-rock artist Daimy Lotus has recently released her latest single, “1st Class D-Bag.

The catchy blend of pop rock and pop punk is reminiscent of artists such as New Politics – which upon taking a deeper listen may be a major influence on Daimy Lotus’ work.

The song itself is fantastic, and is well deserving of a second, third, and fourth listen!

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Motionyear releases third single, “Disarray”

Massachusetts pop punk act Motionyear have just dropped their latest single, “Disarray”. The song discusses topics such as coming of age, questioning ones own future, and nostalgia for your teenage years.

Produced by fellow Bay Stater, Alan Day (of Four Year Strong), the song packs a punch with carefully crafted harmonies and vocal doubling riding on top of chunky guitars and a driving beat.

Take a listen now!

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Check your breath: MEAN SEA shares “Puke Mouth”

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, MEAN SEA has deep roots in the rock scene. Not only have members been involved with various projects over the years, including a band signed to Drive-Thru Records, they have also each spent years on the road honing their craft.

Strangely reminiscent of a dark, spooky take on PUP, MEAN SEA’s new track “Puke Mouth” is as catchy as it is unique. Take a listen now!

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Mitch Jones, Judge & Jury, and Escape the Fate, collaborate for “Darkness”

Mitch Jones, Judge & Jury, and Escape the Fate, all come together to bring us “Darkness,” a heartfelt pop punk track with a bit of grit.

Upon the passing of Mitch Jones’ close friend, Byron Bernstein, Mitch turned to music, resulting in his second release “Darkness.” On the track, Mitch teams up with multi platinum producer Howard Benson (Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, Hoobastank,) and Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace, together known as Judge & Jury. The song also features Craig Mabbitts from Escape the Fate on vocals. You can really feel the passion put into this one with it’s conflicting push and pull between loving someone an simultaneously and pushing them away. The song brings us through a high intensity progression with plenty of feel-good choruses and great contrasting aggression in vocals. If you like a story with feeling, a chorus you could sing to, and a driving progression, give this one a look!

Give this track a listen here, and be sure to follow Mitch Jones, Judge & Jury, and Escape the Fate!

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We’d hate to be “Without You” for this Low Like You track!

Pop punk band from Cleveland, Ohio, Low Like You, turn the conversation to you with their new slamming track “Without You.”

What drew me to this track is the addition of heavier influences shown with chugging guitars and yells in the latter half of the song. The vocals, melodies, and energy of the track is all pop punk, but these little touches of metal give it an effective contrast. As typical pop punk tracks go, the drums are pounding and driving forward in a fast-paced fashion with lots of fills. Vocals in this song are up front with a lifting chorus-like effect, but also blend enough to let the rest of the instruments shine. If you like pop punk style music and appreciate a shoutout to the heavier side, give this one a listen!

Scope out the new music video for “Without You” by Low Like You here, and be sure to follow them for future updates!

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We hope Gareth Howatson is sticking around with this new track “BTTF”

UK artist Gareth Howatson hits us with a unique track, “BTTF,” showing influences from emo and pop-punk style music.

This high energy and uplifting track shows a nice mix between excitement and a touch of sadness. I have been jamming on this track for a few weeks since release and it always lifts the spirit! The vocal lines have a unique dark chorus tone to them that really makes the song pop out. The melody and lyrics are also quite catchy and relatable if you have ever been in a situation you know you just should not “stick around” in.

Give Gareth Howatson’s new track “BTTF” a listen and be sure to follow him for updates on the upcoming album!

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“Didn’t You Get The Memo?” Damnear Divine gets it!

Pop punk band Damnear Divine, from Las Vegas, Nevada, puts up their track “Didn’t You Get The Memo?”

Damnear Divine has been kicking it since 2009, and has started getting more active now in 2021, re-releasing their EP from 2011 “Freeways & Farewells” this year! This track has a great energy to it and has the classic pop-punk vocal sound we all love. The guitars are smooth but driving with that distorted warmth. The snippets of aggression with growl vocals offer a nice contrast to the prominent lead vocals in the song. The use of gang vocals on this track are really well done and add a lot of depth to the transitions.

Whether you’ve heard the track already or not, it’s a solid production that I think anyone could get stuck in their head! We’re glad Damnear Divine is getting back out there and tearing it up!

Catch the rest of the “Freeways & Farewells” album, and give Damnear Divine a follow to stay posted on upcoming releases!

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Homesick enough to say “We Are Done”

Pop punk band Homesick, from Madrid, Spain, drop a burst of energy in their new track “We Are Done!”

We Are Done is as much heavy hitting as it is melodic and easy to follow along with! Transitions of energy between verses and choruses leave you with a nice dynamic progression that’ll get your blood pumping. The choruses take you for a spin with a catchy melody-line and yelling towards the end. The lead guitar also does a great job of lightening the song up, while not being overpowering or abrupt. Be sure to listen to the end to hear the vocal-centric breakdown. It really kicks into the next part with all instruments!

Listen to “We Are Done” here and be sure to give Homesick a follow to stay up to date!

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Theatria’s rebirth comes with “Daddy Issues”

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Theatria is not your average band. Founded over a decade ago by producer Todd Barriage, the band has evolved from a solo project into a full band experience.

After a three year break from music, Barriage is back on the horse as a full-time producer… And along with that comes the first Theatria release in four years.

After covering AFI’s classic album Sing the Sorrow in full, it was time for Theatria. “Daddy Issues” combines elements that could be heard in newer songs by Senses Fail, with a vocal timbre similar to that of Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil – bands that, ironically, Barriage is not an avid listener of.

Regardless, “Daddy Issues” is a fantastic track for anyone who enjoys passionate punk-rock with angsty lyrics. It’s not your average happy song – but it’ll get you pumped up to go take on anything life throws at you.

The band also has a great sense of humor, making “Daddy Issues” condoms available on their webstore. Get yours today, before it’s too late!

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Happy Father’s Day from the RMP team!