Daimy Lotus doesn’t want to be friends

We recently covered Daimy Lotus’ song “1st Class D-Bag” and noted the intense similarities in production style to New Politics – her new song is just as much of a banger, and the similarities continue as well.

“Friends ;)” is a bopping pop rock track about the risk of becoming more than friends… Take a listen now!

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Daimy Lotus has a message for the D-Bags

Dutch pop-rock artist Daimy Lotus has recently released her latest single, “1st Class D-Bag.

The catchy blend of pop rock and pop punk is reminiscent of artists such as New Politics – which upon taking a deeper listen may be a major influence on Daimy Lotus’ work.

The song itself is fantastic, and is well deserving of a second, third, and fourth listen!

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Zebra Libra keeps your dreams alive

Portuguese alt-rockers Zebra Libra have released not only a banging track,”LIVING AS I GO”, but also a quite touching video where they have their fans share their dreams as drawings.

I’m not normally one to enjoy watching music videos, but this one had me hooked. From being the voice actress of a Disney princess to finding inner peace, each of the dreams is unique and inspiring.

Then of course when it comes to the song, Zebra Libra once again knock it out of the park with their 80s-inspired pop rock blend. Catchy, danceable choruses are one of the band’s trademark sounds and “LIVING AS I GO” is no different. Listen now and let us know what your dream is!

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Long Live The Lights sound the “Sirens”!

Houston Texas band Long Live The Lights, spent a whole year perfecting their new track for us and they call it “Sirens”.

Not only is it a straight up banger, it also boldly adds many elements of pop music to the heavy nature of the track. Synthesizers, high production vocals, heavy drums, and big guitars are all present in this piece. Electronic sounding drums mixed with live drums is a hard combo to hit, and these guys nailed it! The vocals are smooth and portray a compelling story backed with the power of the accompanying instruments.

Dive into this track and follow along with their lyric video below!

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Danish act H.E.R.O. drop “Made To Be Broken”

As the first single for their upcoming third album, H.E.R.O. have gone all out. The song features a massive wall of sound that would sound at home on a modern Bring Me The Horizon record, as well as a catchy arrangement and powerful vocals.

For those who enjoy riffs and head banging, don’t worry; you won’t notice anything missing with this track!

If you aren’t familiar with H.E.R.O. yet, I suggest taking a listen to their most recent album, Bad Blood – and look forward to album #3 soon!

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