Trying Times in the “Hands of God”

With a massive punch of energy right from the intro – Trying Times, deliver their latest track, “Hands of God”!

The song seamlessly blends distorted guitar riffs with transitions that are both powerful and captivating. The contrasting clean and growl vocals add a dynamic dimension to the vocal melody, creating a balance between gritty and smooth. As the track progresses, the uplifting chorus section rises above the low-down nature of the rest of the song. The well-developed breakdown section provides respite from the relentless pummeling of the rest of the track. If you like a hard rock style, with metalcore edge, and insanely hefty riffs, this might be your song!

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Silverstein’s “Poison Pill” induces the best kind of sickness

Silverstein are a go-to band for RMP, and they’ve failed to disappoint again with their new track “Poison Pill”.

While less aggressive than some artists we’ve featured in the past, “Poison Pill” delivers a unique blend of hard rock and alternative-style vocals that will leave you feeling absolutely mesmerized. From the low verses featuring deep bass and a catchy vocal melodies, to the rising choruses, this track is the perfect example of what Silverstein does best. Let’s not forget about the breakdown either – With an onslaught of instrumental and vocal mayhem, we can’t get enough of the twists and turns. If you like a heavy alternative-style or the more gritty side of rock music, don’t miss this one!

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We’re Wolves are heavier than “Titanium”

Metalcore band “We’re Wolves,” open the month with a heavy production “Titanium.”

The video provides awesome contrast, jumping from the clean guitar riff in the studio, to a full-on hefty mix. There are plenty of gut-wrenching growl vocals and riffing sections, with clean vocals as a break from the mayhem. The rhythm and punch in drums set a solid base for the rest of the instruments to thrive. I especially liked the variations in clean vocal melodies when they hit up in the higher register. Combining the visual story with a punchy mix makes for a compelling track any hard rock or metal fans should watch!

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Caleb Hyles, Judge & Jury, and Jonathan Young do not “Idolize” numbers!

Caleb Hyles teams up with Judge & Jury and Jonathan Young to deliver a depth-filled hard rock track “Idolize.”

Caleb started off making big waves in the realm of covering songs on YouTube, and we’re not disappointed with his original tracks either! The guitars have a fullness that really shines through while supporting Caleb’s powerful vocals. In addition to the power held in vocals, there is also a catchiness to the melody line that rings through. The width and heaviness present in this song is exceptional, without any abrasive or overly brutal sections. What really pulled me in was the grit on Caleb’s vocal line in high intensity sections. If you want a solid hard rock song that you can sing to, don’t sleep on this one!

Catch up with Caleb Hyles, Judge & Jury, and Jonathan Young, with their track “Idolize” here, and be sure to follow them!

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Sakoya sell their souls to be “Painted in Gold”

Hard rock band Sakoya, drop a new powerful track “Painted in Gold.”

The grindy guitars and haunting bell sounds in this track provide a perfect space for the clean vocals. The push and pull of the verses to choruses leaves a wide range for dynamics and excitement ramping. Although there are not any growl vocals, the gritty distortion effects on verse melodies keep it spicey and aggressive. The weight and ambience of the riffing instrumental sections especially drew me in on this one. If you’re looking for a gritty and powerful hard rock song without constant growl vocals, this one is worth headbanging to!

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STARSET, Judge & Jury, and Breaking Benjamin are not “Waiting On The Sky To Change”

Starset, Judge & Jury, and Breaking Benjamin are kicking it up a notch with their new song “Waiting On The Sky To Change.”

Contrary to the suggestion, the three groups have decided not to wait around for the sky to change, and instead, blast us with this hard rock masterpiece. The grindy depths of guitar, ambient synths, and flowing vocals all come together for a unified power mix. I have been a longtime fan of Breaking Benjamin, and this collaboration is not a disappointment after a hiatus in releases. The way that each verse pulls you in with smooth bass and vocals creates an excellent transition into the wide catchiness of choruses. I especially enjoyed the aggressive portions in vocals and instrumentation, featuring yells and heavy riffs. If you have been waiting on some solid hard rock, or are a fan of Starset, Breaking Benjamin, or Judge & Jury, look no further!

Listen to “Waiting On The Sky To Change,” by the killer trio: Starset, Breaking Benjamin, and Judge & Jury here, and be sure to give them a follow for future productions!

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If you’re always waiting for the “Breakdown,” Icon For Hire has you covered!

Icon For Hire has been killing it out there for a while, and their new track “Breakdown,” brings heavier elements to their hard rock style!

The track is full of excitement building, catchy vocal melodies, and big dynamic punches. The main vocals have a consistent and confident flow to them that goes from chorus-effect, to aggressive, to massive sounding sustained notes. The progression with synths, guitars, and pounding drums creates a beautiful middle-ground between melody and grinding riffs. Of course there is a breakdown in this, and it kills, so that’s reason enough to take a look. If you like a full, punchy, and heavy track, with melodic vocals, and some electronic effects, don’t sleep on this one!

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“Forsaken,” but this time Everyone Loves a Villain!

Hard rock band, Everyone Loves a Villain, from Spokane Washington, drop an epic and aggressive track, “Forsaken.”

Not long ago we featured a track also titled “Forsaken,” and this one kills it as well! The guys in Everyone Loves a Villain knock this one out of the park with an all encompassing clean vocal, tight riffing, and bursts of aggression. The track has a nice contrast between massive guitars and lightly layered sections with creative electronic production techniques. The tone of the main vocal brings me back to the classic hard rock power of bands such as Disturbed. If you grew up on hard rock and metal, and can appreciate some new twists in production, don’t sleep on this one!

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Listen to VOXX! you’ll “Never Look Back”

Hard rock band VOXX, from Tampa Bay, Florida, drop their grungy mix of a track “Never Look Back!”

The track has that raw alternative rock sound of something close to Chevelle, but with it’s own twist, featuring pounding drums and extra heavy rhythms. The breakdown towards the end is a classic hard rock soundscape that throws a great change-up into the song structure. There is lots of great clean vocal processing on this, with the added grit and massive feeling of the lines. If you grew up on hard rock music, and can appreciate a clean but gritty vocal style, you won’t be disappointed!

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Amberstein counters toxicity with “The Comeback”

Melodic metal band Amberstein, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just dropped a new track “The Comeback!”

It has all the elements of metal you love, combined in a unique way! I especially love the use of that crunchy bass tone in conjunction with the classic deep guitar distortion. The stops in the rhythm guitars really give the riffs some clarity and definition throughout. With this punchy, growling modern metal production, and a wide heroic vocal reminiscing of early metal, the track really delivers. Be sure to listen to the end to snag a listen to the face frying guitar solo section!

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