If you’re always waiting for the “Breakdown,” Icon For Hire has you covered!

Icon For Hire has been killing it out there for a while, and their new track “Breakdown,” brings heavier elements to their hard rock style!

The track is full of excitement building, catchy vocal melodies, and big dynamic punches. The main vocals have a consistent and confident flow to them that goes from chorus-effect, to aggressive, to massive sounding sustained notes. The progression with synths, guitars, and pounding drums creates a beautiful middle-ground between melody and grinding riffs. Of course there is a breakdown in this, and it kills, so that’s reason enough to take a look. If you like a full, punchy, and heavy track, with melodic vocals, and some electronic effects, don’t sleep on this one!

Give “Breakdown” by Icon For Hire a listen here, and be sure to follow them for updates on their upcoming album: “The Reckoning” coming out September 9th!

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Trying Times has gotten the “Best of Me” again with their powerful tracks!

Back again, Trying Times are killing it with high energy dynamic tracks! Their newest one, “Best of Me” is no exception.

This is another track that starts off strong, punching you in the face with riffing and gritty vocals. Soon after the raw intro, the melodic elements of the song kick in for the chorus section. Clean vocals throughout the chorus offer a wide chorus-effect sound that pairs well with the following signature grinding bass and growls. This one even has a sudden drop in intensity for a spacey breakdown section to top it off. If you like a high energy metal track, with some space to breathe throughout, “Best of Me” might be one to listen to!

Listen to “Best of Me” here, and give Trying Times a follow for those future updates!

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Can you imagine a technological doomsday? Cantervice can.

Electronicore concept-rockers Cantervice aren’t shy about their imagination of the future. Though technology does wonderful things, in the wrong hands it can be quite scary. In the future, the lines will likely become blurred even more.

This is what vocalist and producer Robert Matlock covers in Cantervice’s newest song, “Doomsday”. Engineered and co-produced by Cameron Mizell (who happens to have engineered one of my favorite albums of all time, Jamie’s Elsewhere’s They Said A Storm Was Coming). “Doomsday” is as heavy as it is intricate – the brute force of your standard rock/metal instruments is highlighted by synths and pads to the extent necessary for the song, without overstepping the bounds.

This is still 100% a rock song, and you need to take a listen now!

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Are you immune to the creatures in your head?

German metalcore heavy hitters Immunity have dropped another in-your-face track, “Creatures”.

Not only does the song feature the technical precision you would expect from a German act, it also highlights the songwriting and musical abilities of the band. If you’re a fan of modern metalcore with a massive sound, give “Creatures” a listen now!

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You’ll definitely need sunscreen for these “Ultraviolet” rays from Westhand!

Metalcore band: Westhand, from Detroit, Michigan, fry us with their new track “Ultraviolet.”

We have been covering a bunch of heavy bands with synth production rounding out the mix, and this song is no exception! With many tracks getting shorter and shorter nowadays, this offers a refreshing middle-ground between a ten minute progressive track, and a two minute punk banger. One of the best parts of the song is its diversity in aggressive vocals, moving from growling, to rapping, to yelling. When paired with the song’s expansive clean vocals, the aggression really hits home! Slowing it down for a killer breakdown always gives a certain amount of depth and punch to the song and following section as well. If you like the metalcore style, but want something a little more fleshed out with instruments and structure, this might be the one!

Give “Ultraviolet” by Westhand a listen, and be sure to follow them for those future updates!

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The God Particle brings down the “Guillotine,” with the help of Chris Clancy and Dan Sugarman!

Jeff Sanna is at it again, with his solo metal project, The God Particle. Teaming up with Dan Sugarman, from Ice Nine Kills, and Chris Clancy, from Mutiny Within, they bring us “Guillotine.”

The track starts off strong with your typical massive guitars and bell tolls, fit for a Viking invasion. Between heavy chugging and more intricate riffing, the guitar prowess is ever-present throughout the entire structure. Chris’ vocal performance on this one is extra full and beefy, while allowing the melodic nature to return in choruses. Of course there is a blistering solo section, so be sure to scope that out when listening! If you like a beefy power vocal, intricate lines, and instruments to match, you might like this extra metal track!

Give “Guillotine,” by The God Particle (Feat. Chris Clancy and Dan Sugarman) a listen, and be sure to follow them for future updates!

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