Witness this catchy new track by Jake Is Lloyd

Split between Los Angeles and Miami, Jake Is Lloyd is not a traditional duo.

Thankfully, in the era of social distancing remote collaboration – even on opposite ends of the country – is not only possible, but happening every day.

As time goes on, I’m sure we’ll see more and more long-distance bands sprouting up.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about – this post is all about “Witness”, the new track by Jake Is Lloyd, off of their EP Prey & Predator.

The song features catchy lyrics with an ear worm of a guitar riff driving it forward.

Take a listen to this end of summer jam and keep an eye out for more!

Jake Is Lloyd · Witness

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It’s time to hold on and listen to this song

Even though the band calls themselves Cold Weather Kids (not to be confused with fellow LA-area band Cold War Kids), there’s no cold weather in their current location of Los Angeles.

Instead, the name stems from their childhoods – each member grew up in a cold, snowy state.

In 2016 the members came together in LA and decided to work on music together, while balancing the usual – running a studio, playing in other bands, and producing for artists.

The band has now released their debut album, Songs We Can’t Finish. Check out the lead single “Holding On” below and be sure to listen to the full release on Spotify!

Cold Weather Kids · Holding On

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Shrinx Rocks!

Shrinx released a new song,”Here Comes The Silence”, on August 28th. They don’t bring us Silence. Instead, they bring us a loud and killer song!

Shrinx are a Swiss rock band, originally known as Shambolic Shrinks (2015-2019).

If you would like to learn more about Shrinx, check out their website as well as purchase their music!

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