Don’t be caught adrift outside the baselines… Listen to Stealing Home!

Based in the Bay Area, CA’s Stealing Home have dropped an excellently produced new track by the name of “Adrift”.

The mellow pop punk track has a driving, yet intricate, beat that helps push the energy forward from the very first verse. Drummer Tyler Townsend’s performance is dynamic and little details like subtle cymbal hits really add some ear candy to the song.

From a composition standpoint, the song features catchy, memorable leads that are sprinkled throughout the chorus by guitarist Taylor Amaro to keep the song interesting and fresh – you can never be quite sure when the hook is going to jump in and get you.

To top it all off, vocalist Steve Radford’s crooning voice seems to be reminiscing of years past, thinking back to good memories.

Stealing Home is certainly a band I’ll be keeping on my radar, and I hope you will, too!

You can find Stealing Home on: Facebook | Instagram


These kids love cold weather – keep them warm!

Marking two posts in a row sharing bands we’ve posted before, Cold Weather Kids makes their RMP return with “Keep Me Warm”, one of the songs off of their brand new EP, Quarantunes.

We previously wrote about the band’s song “Holding On“, a catchy pop punk track. For “Keep Me Warm”, the band dug deeper into their influences, blending sounds from bands like Pierce the Veil, The Venetia Fair, and Sum 41.

The song’s driving beat in the choruses propels things forward, while the lead guitar is the highlight of the verses. If you’re a fan of any of the bands mentioned, this is definitely a track to check out!

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This is not the end for Lovesick Bombs

Lovesick Bombs is not your typical band.

In fact, they don’t call themselves a band at all – they prefer “art and music collective”, because their aim is to bring together visual artists and musicians.

Their EP This Is the End is out now and features great catchy riffs seemingly influenced by Alkaline Trio, as well as two more laid back acoustic tracks.

You can hear the lead single, “The Apartment” below and listen to the whole EP using the links below.

One thing’s for sure – I hope this is not the end for Lovesick Bombs!

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Don’t be an outcast – listen to Vice Versa

Sacramento-based metalcore/progressive metal band Vice Versa are back – with a new twist on their sound, no less.

Fusing traditional metalcore riffs with modern electronic elements, I can’t help but draw a connection between Vice Versa, who is much heavier in general, and their fellow Sacramentans Jamie’s Elsewhere (yeah, bet you haven’t thought of that band in roughly a decade).

I enjoy Vice Versa’s fresh take on blending styles – they’ve successfully avoided being another cookie-cutter band like so many are these days.

Check out the song below!

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It’s time to hold on and listen to this song

Even though the band calls themselves Cold Weather Kids (not to be confused with fellow LA-area band Cold War Kids), there’s no cold weather in their current location of Los Angeles.

Instead, the name stems from their childhoods – each member grew up in a cold, snowy state.

In 2016 the members came together in LA and decided to work on music together, while balancing the usual – running a studio, playing in other bands, and producing for artists.

The band has now released their debut album, Songs We Can’t Finish. Check out the lead single “Holding On” below and be sure to listen to the full release on Spotify!

Cold Weather Kids · Holding On

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Take a look into the right window with The Lungs

Based in Los Angeles, punk trio The Lungs have all the aggression and energy that you would expect from a band who lives in a Mediterranean climate.

Ok, that’s a bit sarcastic – the band is way more aggressive than what you’d hear from a typical LA band.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that I love the energy they poured into “Wrong Window” and am waiting with bated breath to hear more.

The good news is, if you’re like me and want to hear more from The Lungs we won’t have to wait too long!

Their debut album will be released on October 16th, so in just about a month and a half we’ll be able to get another dose of the raw and energetic performances that went into the lead single off the album.

Take a listen below, and prepare yourself for that mid-October release!

Find The Lungs on: website | Soundcloud | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify


Take a Leap of Faith and check out this song

If you’re a fan of mid 2000s emo and post-hardcore, it’s not a stretch to say you’ll enjoy Envied by Angels.

The band is a new project by producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Blackner.

You can hear the song below, or save it on Spotify.

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San Diego Punks The Rough Bring Explosive Energy With “I Am The Thunder”

The Rough are no strangers to the San Diego, CA music scene… They’ve been holding down the fort for a few years now, yet their most explosive release is definitely their most recent.

One of the tracks off of their EP Clean Cut is “I Am The Thunder”, which features massive gang vocals on top of catchy riffs and a driving beat.

If you like SoCal punk with a pop punk hook, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Listen now!