Phantom Bay goes Separate Ways

German post-hardcore band Phantom Bay have just dropped their latest track, “Separate Ways”. Based in the cities of Bremen, Hamburg, and Berlin, the band is spread throughout the Northern areas of the country.

They note that “Separate Ways” is written about the sense of regret one feels after parting ways with someone – and realizing it was a mistake. Inspired by Jimmy Eat World and Drug Church, the song will also appeal to fans of Touche Amore (which is what caught my ear) and Betrayed.

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“Didn’t You Get The Memo?” Damnear Divine gets it!

Pop punk band Damnear Divine, from Las Vegas, Nevada, puts up their track “Didn’t You Get The Memo?”

Damnear Divine has been kicking it since 2009, and has started getting more active now in 2021, re-releasing their EP from 2011 “Freeways & Farewells” this year! This track has a great energy to it and has the classic pop-punk vocal sound we all love. The guitars are smooth but driving with that distorted warmth. The snippets of aggression with growl vocals offer a nice contrast to the prominent lead vocals in the song. The use of gang vocals on this track are really well done and add a lot of depth to the transitions.

Whether you’ve heard the track already or not, it’s a solid production that I think anyone could get stuck in their head! We’re glad Damnear Divine is getting back out there and tearing it up!

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You better believe it’s “Demon Time” when “Resistor” joins the party!

Progressive death metal band Resistor, from Long Island, New York, make for a brutal occasion with their new track “Demon Time!”

This track punches you right in the face straight from the beginning with mega grindy guitars, growl vocals, and record scratching sounds! Applause is in store for these guys as they combine unique electronic sounds with a classic showing of pure brutality. The track doesn’t last long, but it doesn’t need to! Being a straightforward thrashing ebb and flow of fast and slow paced aggression, it really gets Resistor’s point across! Stick around for the slow chugs that exemplify how much gritty depth these guys put into the song.

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“MAKE MY DAY,” by listening to their new track “The Vandal”

Metalcore band “MAKE MY DAY,” from Tokyo, Japan, drop a face pummeling track “The Vandal!”

This song has the qualities of a high production metal track with heavy but smooth guitars, pounding drums, and barking growls. While holding down the heavy side, the track also gives way to a beefy clean vocal chorus complete with an effective stop to top off the transition! The breakdown shows off a unique approach with lo-fi effects on the vocal as well. Overall, it’s just a great track with lots of depth in the growling guitars, powerful lead vocals, and massive transitions.

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“Gravity” brings back our H.E.R.O. as their new track!

Metalcore band H.E.R.O. from Copenhagen, Denmark, knocks another one out of the park with their new song “Gravity!”

If you can appreciate clean vocal production, synths, and chunky riffs, you’ll enjoy this banger from H.E.R.O.! There are lots of elements taken from pop music injected into this heavy distorted guitar style. The contrast between punchy live drum sounds and stylistic electronic drums, makes for a compelling story in song structure. The slower paced synth and drum verse sections create a great flow that pulls you in before exploding into that high register wide chorus. Overall, the track does a great job building excitement due to the progressing drums and electronic production!

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