Ballyhoo! – Detonate

If you’re in my circle of friends, you no doubt know that Ballyhoo! is one of my favorite bands. I discovered their music back in 2011 when they were on the road with New Politics and Dirty Heads and fell in love with the CD-R they threw into the audience which I managed to catch.

This band has come a long way – their first album 365-Day Weekend was a fun, but very obvious, Green Day ripoff. As time went on, they released several more albums and found their own sound which blends their influences with an original and unique beach-inspired sound.

“Detonate” is the title track and lead single from their seventh album, which is out today, September 28th, 2018. You can pick it up from any of your favorite sources!


VIKINGO! – Set It on Fire

LA rock band VIKINGO! have dropped a new song, “Set It on Fire”, which delivers a punch of 90s rock with solid harmonies. Towards the end of the song, there is a guitar lead that sounds like Tom Morello himself was part of the process, though that is not the case. If you’re looking for a kickass song with high energy, this is it!

Crash the Calm – Bad Habits

Based on Long Island, NY, Crash the Calm submitted their song “Bad Habits”. The song is off of their split EP with Staleworth, a fellow Long Island band.

You can pay what you want for the EP on Bandcamp, or find it on streaming platforms, iTunes, etc.

ASTRINA – Mind Heart Body

Though “Mind Heart Body” by ASTRINA is not the typical sound I share here on RMP, I felt I should. When it came through my queue on Submithub (which is where any artist is welcome to submit their music to us!), something about the production and writing really caught my ear.

The song has a subtle yet driving beat that forges forward through the melancholy words. I think the song is a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated genre.

The Memoirs – Fear On The Rise

The Memoirs are an Alt-rock band from Nottingham! So great to be sharing another song from them, this song is called “Fear On The Rise” and you’re going to love it as much as I do!

Beartooth – Disease

If you aren’t familiar with this band then you need to tune in! Beartooth is a Metalcore band from Columbus, Ohio. They recently came out with a song called “Disease” and it’s killer! 

Holo – Someone I’d Rather Be

Based in the City of Angels, Holo is an indie-punk trio consisting of Kelly Collins (drums, vocals), Cooper Kanew (guitar, vocals), and Mason Segal (bass, vocals). The band gigs extensively throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding communities in Southern California. 

Ravage Ritual – Interview Ieper Hardcore Fest 2018

Ravage Ritual have been bringing their musical terror since 2011, hailing from Finland they bring their unique style of True Northern Holy Terror. Their appearance on Ieper Hardcore Fest 2018 led them to the H8000 area and with a brand new EP XVIII to be released that same day it was time to meet up with vocalist Timi and guitar player Nord to unravel some of the mysteries that Ravage Ritual is shrouded in. 

Welcome to Ieperfest, first time here?

Timi: Actually yeah, for me.

Nord: I’ve been here once but never played before

In the middle of H8000 territory, a sound that Ravage Ritual can appreciate?

Nord: Yes. Some of the bands that this area has given birth have served us as an influence throughout the band’s existence.

And today also serves as a releaseshow for your new EP XVIII. What may we expect from your latest creation?

Nord: It’s kind of the end of one era that we started with the Higher Power LP. It’s the seal of this period. Three tracks of crushing heavy metallic hardcore with the cold touch of the north.

You worked with Powertrip Records for the digital release?

Nord: Yes. They are going to co-release the 7” with Unquiet Records later this year.

Ravage Ritual creates negative hardcore, Northern Holy Terror as to say. What would be your response if asked, what is Holy Terror exactly?

Timi: I think it has more to do with the ideology than the music itself. To me it’s being able to see the destruction going on in the world and rising above it. To me it’s just interesting how human race is so talented in it in so many levels.

The original spiritual leaders of Holy Terror has been Integrity and it happens to be that you’ve toured with them last year. How did this come by?

Nord: Our greatest supporter and collaborator Stateless Society booked those dates for us. It was an honor to tour with the band that has influenced your musical visions so much. It was really powerful experience.

Your worldview is clearly expressed within the lyrics and style of Ravage Ritual. Apocalyptic, dark and desperate negative hardcore. Is there still hope for humanity or are we already doomed?

Timi: I think that mankind is already pretty much fucked. I might not be the one to tell but for me it’s kind of hard to see our ways to change for the better in such a way that would secure the future for humanity. We live in a world that people seem to be passionate to destroy both physically and spiritually.. I just try to enjoy the world as it lasts and live somewhat responsibly.

Today is part of a two day European tour, Ieperfest today and tomorrow Özzfest in Germany. Any other upcoming tours scheduled?

Timi: We have two shows with Harm’s Way coming up back in Finland. Otherwise we hope to be back recording soon again. After the shows we will start writing an start the circle again.

For the EP MXVIII you’ve teamed up with designer Razoreater, a well known name within artwork for darker sounding bands (Amenra, Oathbreaker,…). Was he your favored designer for Ravage Ritual?

Nord: Razoreater is a long time friend of us. He has designed our album coverarts since Soul Eater and he is a great artist. He has always had deep vision of our music and we’ve been more than pleased working with him.

Ravage Ritual is from Seinäjoki, Finland, being part of the Finnish scene, how do you feel about your country’s scene and any recommendations?

Nord: The scene is small but active. It’s mainly based on bigger cities of Finland, Helsinki, Tampere, Turku etc. As Ravage Ritual, being from the small town without scene at all already makes us outcasts. The hardcore scene of Finland still has already quite long legacy. Fullhouse Records has 20 years of history releasing records, and bands like St.Hood and Cutdown still continues carrying the legacy. There are also few active independent label’s and promoters. Circuit Breaker Bookings takes care of that there’s shows to go and also brings bands over the borders. From newer bands I’d recommend Gray State, young dudes playing furious 90s edgemetal influenced heavy music.

Timi: I’m not sure if I have ever felt part of the Finnish hardcore scene. I know some people that I see at our shows and they are nice people to hang with but there’s also lots of people full of shit. I just happen to be in a band thats somehow to related to the scene. To recommend something I´d say Judas Chair Collective operate some nice things from time to time, such as Long Gone, Vegas and Gray state.

Any last words?

Nord: Thank you for the interview.

Timi: Thank you

Mindblind – Da Schenste

Austrian pop punk band Mindblind have released a video for “Da Schenste”, the lead single from their upcoming EP Gegenwindschiffen. Due out on October 5th, the EP is the third release from the band following an EP and an LP. Check out the video below and learn more about the band on their website!

Damien Done – Charm Offensive

Charm Offensive is the latest release of Damien Done, the gloomy rock project of Damien Moyal (As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again,…). Ten dark tracks ranging from straight on rockers to more intimate songs, all intertwined in a theme of secrecy. From stalking your neighbour to the power of information on one’s persona. 

On Charm Offensive Damien pulled out all registers to write and record the most part of the album on his own. With the help of some friends he assembled a live band that recently performed their first European tour as Damien Done. Musically Damien Done rocks back and forth with an underlying dark tone that gets visualised by the lyrical content featuring gloom allover. A few of the outstanding tracks are The Lord Fox that displays Damien’s vocal talent in the chorus and of course the stalker inspired track Roof Access.