Mitch Jones, Judge & Jury, and Escape the Fate, collaborate for “Darkness”

Mitch Jones, Judge & Jury, and Escape the Fate, all come together to bring us “Darkness,” a heartfelt pop punk track with a bit of grit.

Upon the passing of Mitch Jones’ close friend, Byron Bernstein, Mitch turned to music, resulting in his second release “Darkness.” On the track, Mitch teams up with multi platinum producer Howard Benson (Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, Hoobastank,) and Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace, together known as Judge & Jury. The song also features Craig Mabbitts from Escape the Fate on vocals. You can really feel the passion put into this one with it’s conflicting push and pull between loving someone an simultaneously and pushing them away. The song brings us through a high intensity progression with plenty of feel-good choruses and great contrasting aggression in vocals. If you like a story with feeling, a chorus you could sing to, and a driving progression, give this one a look!

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“How Do You Feel?” We feel pretty good about the new track from Glass Hands

Metalcore band, Glass Hands, from Indianapolis, Indiana, hit us with a catchy metal track with pop and alternative influences, “How Do You Feel?”

This track hits all the feels if you like a strong and diverse vocal performance. There are lots of examples of falsetto, catchy lines, and the grungy growl vocals we love. One of the key aspects to the track that draws the ear, is its unique groove, emphasizing backbeats, rather than beats one and three. This really keeps the guitar lines interesting and provides a compelling combo for the vocal line. Structurally, the song has a lot of effective building of intensity and motion through sections of aggression, high vocals, and grooving guitars. If you can appreciate the melodic and catchy side of metalcore, you might like this one!

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Vermont’s small but vibrant scene delivers again

Vermont is typically known for Bernie Sanders, Ben and Jerry, and Phish…

What many people don’t know is that there is a punk and metal scene, which while dwindling from its glory days in the 90s and 00s, is still quite active.

Most of the artists in the scene these days are local or regional acts, but Saving Vice is one of the exceptions to the rule – the band are about to head out on their first major tour, supporting Lil Xan on a 20 day run.

Leading up to the tour, Saving Vice have released “White Rabbit”, which features some rap influences – no doubt they’ll be a good crossover for the upcoming tour.

I may be biased, having lived in Vermont on and off for the past two decades, but I’d say the Vermont scene is alive and kicking!

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Silverstein’s music will Live Like This

Canadian RMP faves Silverstein recently dropped yet another stellar track, titled “Live Like This”. The track does a good job of blending some of Silverstein’s poppier leaning sounds with the post hardcore style they’re known for.

Nothing,Nowhere features on the track, lending harmonies and backing vocals to the choruses.

For anyone who is unsure about modern ‘Stein, this is a track that should reassure you that the band is headed in the right direction.

The band’s album, Misery Made Me is out now!

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We’d hate to be “Without You” for this Low Like You track!

Pop punk band from Cleveland, Ohio, Low Like You, turn the conversation to you with their new slamming track “Without You.”

What drew me to this track is the addition of heavier influences shown with chugging guitars and yells in the latter half of the song. The vocals, melodies, and energy of the track is all pop punk, but these little touches of metal give it an effective contrast. As typical pop punk tracks go, the drums are pounding and driving forward in a fast-paced fashion with lots of fills. Vocals in this song are up front with a lifting chorus-like effect, but also blend enough to let the rest of the instruments shine. If you like pop punk style music and appreciate a shoutout to the heavier side, give this one a listen!

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