FANGZ discover who they are

These days, it seems everyone sounds like The Black Keys or Greta Van Fleet (who sounds like Led Zeppelin).

But that’s not the case for Sydney, Australia, based FANGZ.

The band pack a punch in their songs, with driving beats, heavy guitars, and vocals filled with attitude.

If you’re a fan of PUP, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, or other new-school punk acts you’ll be a fan of FANGZ.

Take a listen now!

You can find them on Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


Cambridge found us. Or did we find them?

Sydney-based pop punk band Cambridge recently released the track “I Found You”.

While it’s not your typical pop punk song, that’s exactly what I like about it.

Cambridge could’ve created another cookie-cutter, bland All Time Low ripoff. But they didn’t.

Instead they brought together a sound reminiscent of some of Yellowcard’s softer songs with deep, introspective emotions.

This perhaps isn’t surprising, since the band’s leader Brad Smith toured with Yellowcard, as well as many others such as Soundwave Festival (one of Australias largest touring festivals) and the band Mayday Parade.

You can find Cambridge on: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


Colorado Straightedge release “Broke”

It’s not often that I hear a college-age band with the talent that Colorado Straightedge has.

Readers may be surprised how many “Berklee bands” submit music that’s just awful. And that’s a school known for their music program.

But Colorado Straightedge isn’t from Berklee – they attend Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.

What’s more, even though they met in Music City, the members aren’t even music students!

Having heard a few songs, I can already tell the band is growing. Now that they’re spread out throughout the states, forced to return home by current events, the band is collaborating remotely and improving in leaps and bounds.

“Broke” combines elements of indie rock, shoegaze, and just a pinch of pop for an original blend that sounds like it’s right at home in the modern rock scene.

You can hear “Broke” below, and find it in your favorite streaming app here. The band is also on Facebook and Instagram.


Blind Channel cover Anastacia

Finnish RMP favorites Blind Channel have released a cover of “Left Outside Alone” in quite an interesting take on the pop song.

Listen now and let us know if you prefer the cover or the original!

You can find Blind Channel on Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


Don’t Whisper – Shout To The World About How Good This Song Is!

We’ve been taking submissions for RMP on a site called SubmitHub for nearly four years.

Until recently, I’d never been sent a song via SubmitHub I liked so much that I immediately bought the album. To be clear, I’ve bought albums from SubmitHub artists before, but only after a week or two of listening and getting into the band.

That all changed last week when This Is Falling of St. Louis, MO sent “Whisper” my way.

Instant. Purchase. That’s how much this band impressed me!

Not only is the engineering and production stellar, the band also knows exactly how to catch the attention of listeners.

What This Is Falling did is what everyone who is trying to get their music heard should do – get to the point already.

So many bands send in songs with 30+ second intros, or a video where there’s no music for over a minute before the song starts.

That’s boooooooring!

This Is Falling did the opposite – “Whisper” punches the listener in the face with a massive sounding drum fill. Immediately.

The rest of the song is killer, too. But DIY bands take note: if you want to be heard, follow in This Is Falling’s footsteps and make your single catch the listener’s attention as soon as they hit play!

Find This Is Falling on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp | Spotify


The Prom Knights reach for the Stars with new single

Mississippi pop punk band The Prom Knights (who began their career as a cover band) have dropped a new song, “Stars”.

The song is a pop punk banger, with solid writing and production that makes the song shine bright in an overcrowded genre.

In their effort to begin a pop punk revival, The Prom Knights are lightyears ahead of the competition with their tight performance and mixing.

You can find The Prom Knights on: Facebook | Instagram | Apple Music | Spotify | Twitter


Four Bands to Rock Your Sunday!

Today we have four bands to share with you that will end this weekend with a bang!

For starters, here’s Alienist; a five piece metalcore band from Wollongong, Australia. These guys are the best metalcore that I’ve heard in awhile. They just released their second single called, Severance and it’s a banger!

Climate Control are an alternative rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa. As soon as I started to listen to their song, “Feeler”, I was hooked! This song hits all the right places.

Rila’s Edge is so amazing with their catchy chorus from their song, “Drawn In”! They are an indie band from Guildford, UK.

We saved the best for last: Who Saves The Hero? They bring Warped Tour (RIP) vibes with their pop punk song, “Self Destruction”. These guys are from Rhondda, UK.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for listening!


Rarity ask that you Leave It Alone

Canadian rockers Rarity just dropped a new track, “Leave It Alone”. The song is a high-energy active rock track feature tight vocal doubling and harmonies, riffs galore, and hard hitting drums.

While I wouldn’t go as far as to say the band are massively influenced by Three Days Grace, the choruses do remind me a bit of mid 00s Three Days Grace – and that’s by no means a complaint.

Rarity is a great up and coming band that we should all keep our eyes on. Take a listen below!

You can find Rarity on the following platforms: Facebook | Instagram | Major streaming platforms


You can’t deny this: inOcean’s new song “Denial” is a banger!

Swedish rock group inOcean are at it again – blending mid-00s rock and emo with their own modern twist, the band have released an undeniably energetic track in the form of “Denial”.

Compared to some of the bands influences like Refused, The Used, and Every Time I Die it’s clear – this band has a sound they want to achieve, and that’s what they’ve done here.

You can find more information about the band on their pages: Facebook | Instagram