Colorado Straightedge release “Broke”

It’s not often that I hear a college-age band with the talent that Colorado Straightedge has.

Readers may be surprised how many “Berklee bands” submit music that’s just awful. And that’s a school known for their music program.

But Colorado Straightedge isn’t from Berklee – they attend Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.

What’s more, even though they met in Music City, the members aren’t even music students!

Having heard a few songs, I can already tell the band is growing. Now that they’re spread out throughout the states, forced to return home by current events, the band is collaborating remotely and improving in leaps and bounds.

“Broke” combines elements of indie rock, shoegaze, and just a pinch of pop for an original blend that sounds like it’s right at home in the modern rock scene.

You can hear “Broke” below, and find it in your favorite streaming app here. The band is also on Facebook and Instagram.