A toxic obsession: Victim by Halflives

Halflives’ new single, “Victim,” is the third track we’ve been lucky enough to hear from the French band in the past year. The song was co-produced, mixed and mastered by Elliot Polokoff (Cemetery Sun), who has also worked with bands like Jamie’s Elsewhere.

“Victim” admits that we’re all human and get drawn to what’s bad for us – because we like it.

The song is more electronic-focused than “Vibe”, another Halflives song we shared recently, but the massive synths and arrangement easily make up for the lack of guitar.

This is one song not to miss – take a listen now, and preorder their EP V now, due July 2nd!

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Theatria’s rebirth comes with “Daddy Issues”

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Theatria is not your average band. Founded over a decade ago by producer Todd Barriage, the band has evolved from a solo project into a full band experience.

After a three year break from music, Barriage is back on the horse as a full-time producer… And along with that comes the first Theatria release in four years.

After covering AFI’s classic album Sing the Sorrow in full, it was time for Theatria. “Daddy Issues” combines elements that could be heard in newer songs by Senses Fail, with a vocal timbre similar to that of Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil – bands that, ironically, Barriage is not an avid listener of.

Regardless, “Daddy Issues” is a fantastic track for anyone who enjoys passionate punk-rock with angsty lyrics. It’s not your average happy song – but it’ll get you pumped up to go take on anything life throws at you.

The band also has a great sense of humor, making “Daddy Issues” condoms available on their webstore. Get yours today, before it’s too late!

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Happy Father’s Day from the RMP team!


After Smoke Clears brings the flames with “Fuoco”

London metal band After Smoke Clears drop their new burning track “Fuoco.”

Fuoco opens up a nice middle-ground between heavy driving force and consistent lead and backup vocals that add depth and space to the mix. The track sheds light on the creative struggle of artists focusing on confronting resistance and lighting the fire that results in quality art. The band delivers a compelling argument for why you should finish what you have been working on in your creative endeavors!

Plug in those listening devices and listen to how After Smoke Clears handles writers block!

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In Shallows throw down “Phantom Grace”

New Hampshire metalcore band In Shallows, drop their powerful new track “Phantom Grace.”

The track starts off bringing in a tsunami of sound with pounding drums and and heavy guitar. The brutality is offset by wide synth progressions in the background giving the song a nice balance. With effective use of breaks and transitions throughout the structure of the song, it’ll leave you waiting for that heavy wall of sound to return!

If you are a fan of heavy tracks that would get you stomping around on the venue floor, give this one a listen!

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Mothé shares Dancing On An Empty Floor

Mothé is not like the other artists we share on RMP. Taking a break from pop punk, ska, and similar genres, “Dancing On An Empty Floor” caught my ear.

The track carefully blends pop production elements with gritty rock guitars and punchy drums resulting in an indie rock journey that wouldn’t sound out of place in a hit TV show or movie.

The bridge gets interesting with a much more electronic and synth based approach, and interestingly the song ends with a mellow, subtle outro that breaks the monotonous verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus/chorus mould. Overall, the track is quite enjoyable and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

Keep an eye out for Mothé’s upcoming debut album, I Don’t Want You to Worry Anymore, coming soon!

Mothé · Dancing On An Empty Floor

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