Theatria’s rebirth comes with “Daddy Issues”

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Theatria is not your average band. Founded over a decade ago by producer Todd Barriage, the band has evolved from a solo project into a full band experience.

After a three year break from music, Barriage is back on the horse as a full-time producer… And along with that comes the first Theatria release in four years.

After covering AFI’s classic album Sing the Sorrow in full, it was time for Theatria. “Daddy Issues” combines elements that could be heard in newer songs by Senses Fail, with a vocal timbre similar to that of Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil – bands that, ironically, Barriage is not an avid listener of.

Regardless, “Daddy Issues” is a fantastic track for anyone who enjoys passionate punk-rock with angsty lyrics. It’s not your average happy song – but it’ll get you pumped up to go take on anything life throws at you.

The band also has a great sense of humor, making “Daddy Issues” condoms available on their webstore. Get yours today, before it’s too late!

You can find Theatria on: their website | Instagram | Facebook

Happy Father’s Day from the RMP team!


Omaha could be the next city known for their post hardcore

When music fans think of Omaha, NE, they might think of bands like Bright Eyes or 311… Bands who while extremely talented, aren’t on the cutting edge of music.

But Immunizer may just change that – the post-hardcore band would fit right in on a modern rock tour, such as Warped Tour. In fact, I can’t help but imagine that the band has been influenced by Pierce the Veil and Circa Survive – particularly the massive, enveloping bass tone and vocals are reminiscent of those two bands.

That said, Immunizer still brings their own, original, sound to the table so while their influences seem clear, the band’s strength comes from their combination of sounds.

Take a listen to “Corpseflower” now and let us know what you think!

You can find Immunizer on: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify