Heaven Unknown brings on the void of “Nothingmore.”

Heaven Unknown’s new track, “Nothingmore.” explores all the angles of post-hardcore, emo, and metal styles in a dynamic progression.

I was especially drawn to this track due to its free-flowing nature in combination with powerful guitars and vocals. The guitars are big-sounding, with a warm tone, providing a solid resting place for clean and growl vocals. The punchy growl vocals and drums have an awesome contrast with the long sustained clean vocals as well. Sticking around until the breakdown, I loved the spacious effects on vocals and lead guitar to transition. If you’re a fan of the post-hardcore style, and you enjoy a heavy but emotive track, this may be the one!

Give “Nothingmore.” by Heaven Unknown a listen here, and be sure to follow them for those future updates!

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Lost in space with “Collisions” by Neon Fields

It’s not often that I enjoy primarily-electronic music – but when I do, it’s a dark, massive sound like that of Neon Fields. The electronic rock band hailing from the UK have released five singles to date, after forming just last year.

Their latest single, “Collisions”, easily stands out from the crowd of MGK soundalikes this year and immediately catches the ear because it’s different. I can honestly say I’ve ever heard one other band that’s remotely similar to Neon Fields, and that band is Modele Depose – an RMP favorite.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Neon Fields, and I’m sure they won’t disappoint!

Neon Fields · Collisions

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Young Fatigue Releases Am I Pretty Now?

Young Fatigue tears into the societal standards and unrealistic expectations for body type and image with their second single “Am I Pretty Now?”

Not only does it contain pertinent lyrical content to issues in today’s society, but the track is also full of twists and turns alternating between heavy guitar, calm verses, wide chorus sections, and a pounding drum-heavy breakdown. With a seemingly upbeat chorus, the song is contrasted with dark undertones with distorted guitars and grungy basslines.

Be sure to follow this London based alt-punk band as they continue their journey because you know Young Fatigue has more bangers on the way!

Young Fatigue · Am I Pretty Now?

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Gathering of Strangers shares “Antidote”

Indie rock has been pouring out of the UK for decades, with bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, and Catfish and the Bottlemen showcasing their country’s talent.

But, there’s always the next band brewing in the UK that has a shot to reach international success like the bands mentioned above. My money’s on Gathering of Strangers, a five piece formed in Manchester, but consisting of members from all over the country.

The band have just released “Antidote”, a powerful and anthemic song reminding the listener that they can get out of the struggles they face in life.

Take a listen to the track below and let us know what you think!

Future Agency · Antidote – Gathering of Strangers

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Lionfight brings a new definition to “heavy”

Based in Manchester, UK, Daniel Jenkins doesn’t sound like the average solo project…

He releases music under the name Lionfight, and his latest track “Heaviness” show that one man can be an entire band. Not only is the song full of aggression and killer riffs, but the production is also spot on – crisp highs, clear vocals, and a solid low end to push the track forward.

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Don’t want to tell Led By Lanterns “Bye, bye”.

More like hello, hello to an amazing band from the UK! Led By Lanterns released their new song, “DXWN” and it is awesome!

What is best about this song is the passionate vocals and the in-your-face chorus.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their Instagram. For more music, you can also find them on Spotify!


The floor is… Fiber?

Ok, enough with the three-year-old-meme puns, the floor in Batman Returns is not lava – but according to Batman, it’s high in fiber.

The Losing Score is a UK-based band, with influences from pop punk and alt rock – to my outside perspective, it seems like the members may be fans of Weezer as well as PUP, but that’s just a gut feeling.

The band unabashedly wrote their new song “Eat Floor, High Fibre” about the 1992 movie Batman Returns. The catchy chorus with more laid back verses are a classic combo that’s tried and true, but still great to hear.

Christmas is a few weeks out, but this is probably the closest you’ll see RMP getting to holiday music – take a listen now!

The Losing Score · “Eat Floor, High Fibre”

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ESTHR lets loose about the pandemic and lockdowns

UK-based elctro rock act ESTHR have been regularly releasing singles for about four years, and their latest effort “Violence” is stellar in every way.

Not only do the music and lyrics convey the anger of what’s been happing in the world this year, the production and mix highlight that energy quite nicely. It probably helped that the band had to write the song remotely, likely fueling the frustration being poured into the song.

In fact, judging by the sound you’d think you’re listening to a major label act, it’s that good – yet ESTHR is an independent band. It shows that they’ve clearly got their priorities straight and know that to have a shot in music, they have to put out the best product possible, and they’ve certainly done that!

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EJ Mann swings big with “It’s Automatic”

This isn’t British rocker EJ Mann’s first rodeo: he’s been making music for quite some time now, playing in bands such as The Minority and The Call – not to be confused with the 80s US band of the same name.

It’s often difficult to choose which songs to write about, because there’s so much great music out there these days. “It’s Automatic” made it easy though, grabbing listeners’ attention with a simple, yet classic, drum intro that rolls right into the start of the song.

Newer artists may have made the mistake of jumping into the song right away, or perhaps having a much longer intro. EJ didn’t do that – he found the right spot in between to have a short but effective intro.

Moving on from there, the lead guitar pulls you in even further. As things build through the verse, the arrangement does an amazing job of highlighting the vocals, but keeping the guitars just interesting enough that they’re also a highlight of the song.

Definitely keep EJ on your radar, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more great tracks soon!

EJ Mann Music · It’s Automatic

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This Halloween, it’s time to lose control

British rock band Foxhaunt have released an epic new video for their song “Out Of Control”.

The song has a massive wall of sound with a driving beat to keep the energy flowing. Not surprisingly, the stellar writing and production are accompanied by an exciting video filled with smoke bombs and flames.

Overall this is a great track, and Foxhaunt is a band I’ll be keeping my eye on – you should, too!

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