The floor is… Fiber?

The floor is… Fiber?

Ok, enough with the three-year-old-meme puns, the floor in Batman Returns is not lava – but according to Batman, it’s high in fiber.

The Losing Score is a UK-based band, with influences from pop punk and alt rock – to my outside perspective, it seems like the members may be fans of Weezer as well as PUP, but that’s just a gut feeling.

The band unabashedly wrote their new song “Eat Floor, High Fibre” about the 1992 movie Batman Returns. The catchy chorus with more laid back verses are a classic combo that’s tried and true, but still great to hear.

Christmas is a few weeks out, but this is probably the closest you’ll see RMP getting to holiday music – take a listen now!

Find The Losing Score on: their site | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify