Homesick enough to say “We Are Done”

Pop punk band Homesick, from Madrid, Spain, drop a burst of energy in their new track “We Are Done!”

We Are Done is as much heavy hitting as it is melodic and easy to follow along with! Transitions of energy between verses and choruses leave you with a nice dynamic progression that’ll get your blood pumping. The choruses take you for a spin with a catchy melody-line and yelling towards the end. The lead guitar also does a great job of lightening the song up, while not being overpowering or abrupt. Be sure to listen to the end to hear the vocal-centric breakdown. It really kicks into the next part with all instruments!

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Asuna comes blazing in on “Chariots” with their new track!

Metalcore band Asuna, from Poughkeepsie, New York, drop a blazing new track, “Chariots!”

This song gets right into it with a brutal but grindy progression, but it doesn’t skimp on that power chorus we are all looking for! You’ll find heavy rhythms and lead guitar that show intricacy without overpowering the rest of the song. There is a strong use of panning and right left layering to create compelling transitions as well! This one is a classic heavy hitter that shows the best of both worlds in aggression and melody. I am also a sucker for breakdowns and solos, so get ready for that!

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Lost in space with “Collisions” by Neon Fields

It’s not often that I enjoy primarily-electronic music – but when I do, it’s a dark, massive sound like that of Neon Fields. The electronic rock band hailing from the UK have released five singles to date, after forming just last year.

Their latest single, “Collisions”, easily stands out from the crowd of MGK soundalikes this year and immediately catches the ear because it’s different. I can honestly say I’ve ever heard one other band that’s remotely similar to Neon Fields, and that band is Modele Depose – an RMP favorite.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Neon Fields, and I’m sure they won’t disappoint!

Neon Fields · Collisions

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Howl Like Wolves dive head first “Into The Waves”

German Metalcore band, Howl Like Wolves, kick it off strong with their second track release “Into The Waves.”

The song has an amazing ability to transition from low to high intensity levels. The calming intro with synth, floating vocals, and lo-fi drums, quickly kicks you in the face with a powerful yell and explosion of live instruments. The track then alternates between calmer verse sections similar to the intro, and soaring chorus sections that open up into a wide heroic sound. The use of synthesizers and the sound of ocean waves towards the end of the song give the track depth that is hard to come across.

If you like heavy music and metal yells, but also enjoy a triumphant lead vocal that brings a melodic sound to the table, you better check this track out!

Give Into The Waves a listen, and stay tuned with Howl Like Wolves to catch the rest of their four song EP, Crown, dropping December 10th!

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The Middle Room – The Well

Pittsburgh, PA, based pop punk act The Middle Room just released a massive track called “The Well”. Described by the band as a “classic breakup song”, the emotion poured into the song doesn’t go unnoticed.

The band plans to release more music this year, leading up to an EP, so stay tuned for more!

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Bad Moon Born bear the weight of “Fallout”

The hard rock band: Bad Moon Born from Sydney, Australia, give us a heavy riff to jam on in their new track “Fallout.”

The track has an amazingly deep and heavy hitting rhythm guitar section that kicks in throughout the course of the song. The vocal line tells a riveting story as well, with smooth shifts in intensity that show the passion placed into the recording. This has a little bit of everything, appealing to those looking for a melody line you can follow along with, or those looking for big guitars and aggression. If you can appreciate a well thought out song structure, and a healthy blend of gritty and melodic sounds, you’ll like this track!

Take a look at their lyric video, and give your dudes in Bad Moon Born a follow to stay posted on their journey!

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