We’re “Dead Addicted” to this new track from 4 Oceans

Metalcore band from Germany, 4 Oceans, bring it back to RMP with their new track “Dead Addicted!”

The Last track we covered by 4 Oceans, “Unbidden,” had some grungy but uplifting instrumentation with guitars and synths. Dead Addicted delivers in the same light, with a health balance between ear splitting growls and full melodic choruses. The guitars on this song I found to be especially effective, offering clarity, but not overpowering the rest of the arrangement. The synth additions hold a wider ambient portion of the mix than on Unbidden. If you like your heavy riffs with some extra edge and an aggressive vocal to combo with, try out Dead Addicted!

Give “Dead Addicted,” by 4 Oceans a listen here, and follow them for more!

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Get the best of Half Me with “Blacklight!”

German metalcore band, Half Me, slap down a hefty wall of sound with this month’s release “Blacklight.”

The beefiness of instruments really shine through on this one, with massive gritty guitars and bass. The clean and growl vocals are well executed with an engaging back and forth. Although brutal and dirty, the song has a smoothness to it that melds all elements together into one cohesive unit. Transitions throughout the track keep it moving and dynamic as well. If you like a chunky metalcore track with plenty of massive brutality, give the Blacklight video a watch! Stick with it until the end for a grinding breakdown too.

Watch the official video for Half Me and their track “Blacklight” here and follow them for future updates!

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Are you immune to the creatures in your head?

German metalcore heavy hitters Immunity have dropped another in-your-face track, “Creatures”.

Not only does the song feature the technical precision you would expect from a German act, it also highlights the songwriting and musical abilities of the band. If you’re a fan of modern metalcore with a massive sound, give “Creatures” a listen now!

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4 Oceans enter the mosh pit “Unbidden,” and they bring Dominic Christoph of Cypecore!

German metalcore band, 4 Oceans, slam out a new heavy track, Unbidden, with Cypecore vocalist, Dominic Christoph.

4 Oceans really kicks into the track with strong synths fading into a depth charge of rhythm guitars. Where this song strikes the ear, is through its rising progression, setting itself apart from a standard grindy metal track. The synth action and intermittent clean vocals help lift the progression while the drums and guitars keep it gritty and metal in production. Growl vocals in this one are well controlled and combo excellently with the sustained cleans. If you want to get hit by a train of metal, but also like quick high-register progressions and melody, this one might be for you!

Give Unbidden, by 4 Oceans (Feat. Dominic Christoph) a listen, and be sure to follow them for future updates!

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Future Palace lights up some “Flames” in the world of metalcore

German metalcore band, Future Palace, lights it up with a killer video and new song “Flames.”

The track uses your typical heavy beatdown of guitars in the metalcore genre, with contrasting sections using electronic style production. The song shows a mix of growls, epic clean vocals, and unique sub and rap style vocals to break it up. When the chorus hits, everything amps up and drives forward leaving the listener waiting for its return. The outro even busts out some lead guitar and chorus changeups that really kick. If you love dynamic transitions and some style melding, give this one a listen!

Take a listen to “Flames” here, and follow Future Palace for upcoming developments!

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“Forsaken” are the ones on the Morning After Dark

German metalcore band, Morning After Dark, drop a classic fast paced heavy track “Forsaken!”

This one brings me back to All That Remains and As I Lay Dying, but with it’s own twist. The guitars are extra high-def for that crystal clear clarity of the riffs playing. Anyone that has been into the metalcore scene for a while can appreciate the technical heavy riffs, powerful growls, and wide clean vocals in this. Starting off with a blazing fast drum beat, this song doesn’t waste any time amping you up! I had a great time listening through this metal journey from fast, to slow, to strong sustained chorus lines.

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“Bound to Thrill,” the exhilarating new Letters Sent track!

Germany metalcore band, “Letters Sent,” bring the fast-paced elements of hardcore and metal to their new release “Bound to thrill!”

This track will get your blood pumping with its driving drums, progressing rhythms, and aggressive hardcore vocals. The growl vocals have that nice medium between clarity and aggression, hinting at ties to melodic death metal, but with a higher level of decipherability. With well executed pacing, and an in-your-face vibe, the song maintains energy while transitioning to elevated clean vocals. All in all, this is a punchy song, that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its forward moving guitar lines. The warehouse thrashing in their music video is pretty killer too.

Give the new “Bound to Thrill” music video a watch and be sure to follow Letters Sent for future updates!

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Hostage drop “Cancer,” in support of world cancer day 2022

Metalcore band Hostage, from Germany, drop “Cancer,” teaming up with Rotarian Metalhead Fellowship to raise funds for world cancer day on February 4th, 2022.

Hostage does a great job incorporating high-movement lines while maintaining a solid rhythm on this track. The guitar riffs are interesting, yet hold the concrete depth that is needed to bring a metal mix together. The amount of aggression in the growl vocals is on point, with lots of energy and a good blend with the clean vocals. On top of it all, the song has that bass and kick drum punch that works so well with grindy riffs in this genre. Stay until the end to hear the ramping tempo transition.

Give a listen to “Cancer,” and be sure to head over to the Rotarian Metalhead Fellowship’s fundraiser page to see what Hostage has been promoting!

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Phantom Bay goes Separate Ways

German post-hardcore band Phantom Bay have just dropped their latest track, “Separate Ways”. Based in the cities of Bremen, Hamburg, and Berlin, the band is spread throughout the Northern areas of the country.

They note that “Separate Ways” is written about the sense of regret one feels after parting ways with someone – and realizing it was a mistake. Inspired by Jimmy Eat World and Drug Church, the song will also appeal to fans of Touche Amore (which is what caught my ear) and Betrayed.

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Howl Like Wolves dive head first “Into The Waves”

German Metalcore band, Howl Like Wolves, kick it off strong with their second track release “Into The Waves.”

The song has an amazing ability to transition from low to high intensity levels. The calming intro with synth, floating vocals, and lo-fi drums, quickly kicks you in the face with a powerful yell and explosion of live instruments. The track then alternates between calmer verse sections similar to the intro, and soaring chorus sections that open up into a wide heroic sound. The use of synthesizers and the sound of ocean waves towards the end of the song give the track depth that is hard to come across.

If you like heavy music and metal yells, but also enjoy a triumphant lead vocal that brings a melodic sound to the table, you better check this track out!

Give Into The Waves a listen, and stay tuned with Howl Like Wolves to catch the rest of their four song EP, Crown, dropping December 10th!

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