Common Choir and Five AM give us the “Shivers” with this new track

Minneapolis metalcore band Common Choir, teams up with Sam Nelson of Five AM to bring us a heavy Ed Sheeran cover “Shivers!”

If you like the original Ed Sheeran song “Shivers,” but you just need a little more grinding guitar, spitting growls, and a full soaring chorus, you’re going to like this one! The growls in this track are extra powerful, full of energy, and have excellent clarity and grit. Sam Nelson makes an impressive showing as well, with his adaptation of the “Shivers” hook melody. The melodic elements really contrast the aggression of the rest of the track. Common Choir is always slaying it on the fast paced, grindy tracks, and this one delivers! I recommend listening with the original in an A/B fashion to grasp the full added heft that Common Choir put into this.

Give “Shivers” a spin and follow the guys in Common Choir to see what’s up next!

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Future Palace lights up some “Flames” in the world of metalcore

German metalcore band, Future Palace, lights it up with a killer video and new song “Flames.”

The track uses your typical heavy beatdown of guitars in the metalcore genre, with contrasting sections using electronic style production. The song shows a mix of growls, epic clean vocals, and unique sub and rap style vocals to break it up. When the chorus hits, everything amps up and drives forward leaving the listener waiting for its return. The outro even busts out some lead guitar and chorus changeups that really kick. If you love dynamic transitions and some style melding, give this one a listen!

Take a listen to “Flames” here, and follow Future Palace for upcoming developments!

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Wind Walkers strike up a heavy topic with “Dead Talk”

Metalcore band from Massachusetts, Wind Walkers, give us some pop elements with the crunch that we all love in “Dead Talk!”

The track kicks it off with some great excitement building, synth sounds, and a super smooth clean vocal. The song amps up as the progression continues, bringing in those heavy guitars and drums. The melody line is quite catchy and brings a massive sounding sustained chorus line. This track is less on the aggressive growl side, but if you like followable clean vocals, punchy production, and some electronic elements, you’ll like this!

Give “Dead Talk” a listen and follow the guys in Wind Walkers for future updates!

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When there’s a “Tidal Wave” coming, you know these are Trying Times

US metalcore band Trying Times give us some smooth melodies and hefty beatdowns in their new track “Tidal Wave!”

This is another one of those tracks that appeals to fans of melodic sounds, bursting aggression, and wide guitars. The journey branches from soft catchy clean vocals to spitting growls throughout. Really, who doesn’t love a spacey breakdown transition back into that power chorus line? The control of feeling and dynamic changes is well done by the guys in Trying Times on this one!

Give “Tidal Wave” a spin and be sure to follow Trying Times for future progressions!

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