Common Choir and Five AM give us the “Shivers” with this new track

Minneapolis metalcore band Common Choir, teams up with Sam Nelson of Five AM to bring us a heavy Ed Sheeran cover “Shivers!”

If you like the original Ed Sheeran song “Shivers,” but you just need a little more grinding guitar, spitting growls, and a full soaring chorus, you’re going to like this one! The growls in this track are extra powerful, full of energy, and have excellent clarity and grit. Sam Nelson makes an impressive showing as well, with his adaptation of the “Shivers” hook melody. The melodic elements really contrast the aggression of the rest of the track. Common Choir is always slaying it on the fast paced, grindy tracks, and this one delivers! I recommend listening with the original in an A/B fashion to grasp the full added heft that Common Choir put into this.

Give “Shivers” a spin and follow the guys in Common Choir to see what’s up next!

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