“Forsaken,” but this time Everyone Loves a Villain!

Hard rock band, Everyone Loves a Villain, from Spokane Washington, drop an epic and aggressive track, “Forsaken.”

Not long ago we featured a track also titled “Forsaken,” and this one kills it as well! The guys in Everyone Loves a Villain knock this one out of the park with an all encompassing clean vocal, tight riffing, and bursts of aggression. The track has a nice contrast between massive guitars and lightly layered sections with creative electronic production techniques. The tone of the main vocal brings me back to the classic hard rock power of bands such as Disturbed. If you grew up on hard rock and metal, and can appreciate some new twists in production, don’t sleep on this one!

Give “Forsaken” a spin here, and follow Everyone Loves a Villain for future updates!

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From the fiery depths of 11|34, we bring you “Story of a Kid”

Italian post-hardcore band 11|34 give us a heavy riffing track with their new release “Story of a Kid!”

We always like a strong start to a song and this one doesn’t disappoint with an ultra heavy riff playing in tandem with the punch of the kick drum. Layering and progression in this track are well done with a blazing fast guitar line contrasting the flow of the verse vocals on top of the mix. The song fills in immensely when the chorus line hits, bringing a wide vocal melody that anyone could get stuck in their head. With a devilish name, catchy melodies, and well defined guitar parts, we’re looking forward to seeing what 11|34 will be summoning in the future!

Give “Story of a Kid” a listen, and stayed tuned with 11|34 to catch their upcoming EP “Extinction” set to release on April 8th!

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Lüdo brings the energy to an otherwise “Negative Space!”

Post-hardcore band Lüdo, from Norway, bring us the twists, turns, and punch of the hardcore style!

“Negative Space” does a great job hyping you up with energy. You can almost feel the crowd surfers thrashing around you on the driving chorus line! The structuring of the song creates a dynamic soundscape that constantly moves forward without stagnating. The guys in Lüdo show some songwriting prowess with alternate chorus endings and a compelling breakdown to keep it rocking. The drums and guitars hit a groove that always seems to be flying at one hundred miles per hour and I’m absolutely alright with it.

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