Lüdo brings the energy to an otherwise “Negative Space!”

Post-hardcore band Lüdo, from Norway, bring us the twists, turns, and punch of the hardcore style!

“Negative Space” does a great job hyping you up with energy. You can almost feel the crowd surfers thrashing around you on the driving chorus line! The structuring of the song creates a dynamic soundscape that constantly moves forward without stagnating. The guys in Lüdo show some songwriting prowess with alternate chorus endings and a compelling breakdown to keep it rocking. The drums and guitars hit a groove that always seems to be flying at one hundred miles per hour and I’m absolutely alright with it.

Give the guys in Lüdo a follow and jam this track in your ears!

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ALESTI does it again, Disconnected feat Telle Smith of The Word Alive

If you’ve been following RMP for any length of time, you know we’re big fans of Norwegian producer and multi-instrumentalist ALESTI. His brand of metalcore, featuring a different vocalist on every track, is a rather unique model for a band… But that doesn’t stop ALESTI from dropping bangers over and over.

His latest track, “Disconnected”, features vocals from The Word Alive’s Telle Smith – take a listen now!

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ALESTI returns with Voices (feat. Loveless)

ALESTI has done it again – their new song “Voices” crafts a careful blend of heavy guitars with pop production.

Mixed by Joey Sturgis it’s no surprise that the song sounds massive, and having Julian Comeau of the band Loveless providing vocals on the track adds even more to the magic of the track.

If you enjoy this track, be sure to listen to “Take the Pain Away” which we shared in mid 2020.

ALESTI · ALESTI – Voices (feat. Loveless)

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Listen to Julian Comeau’s new band, Remember the Monsters, on RMP.