Don’t want to tell Led By Lanterns “Bye, bye”.

More like hello, hello to an amazing band from the UK! Led By Lanterns released their new song, “DXWN” and it is awesome!

What is best about this song is the passionate vocals and the in-your-face chorus.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their Instagram. For more music, you can also find them on Spotify!


Get Drenched by Torrential Rain if you’re Left Outside

It’s no secret that we like modern metalcore here at RMP – after all, Warped Tour never died in our hearts.

When German 4 piece Torrential Rain sent a new track to be shared, it was an instant “yes!”

Not only have we shared their music in the past (read our writeup about “Home Alone”), we also really enjoyed the new track “Left Outside” and decided that this well-crafted track needed to get a couple extra listens.

Take a listen now, and enjoy the video created by Christian Brauner featuring lighting by Michael Dorner.

Find Torrential Rain on: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


A true multinational band: The Pauline Principle

We’ve all been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. Practically everything we hear is bad news – after all there isn’t much good that comes from a global pandemic.

But there’s at least one good thing that we can thank the pandemic for: The Pauline Principle.

The band have just released their debut single, “Broken and Prone” and a lyric video to go with it. The song is extremely well produced, and showcases how artists from vastly different areas of the globe can collaborate to make great music.

With this being the band’s first single, I have to say I hope there are many more to come!

You can find The Pauline Principle on: Instagram | Spotify


The Dent Act are haunting our dreams and we want more!

The Dent Act are one of the best bands I’ve heard all year and I would love to introduce them to you!

The Dent Act are an alternative rock band from Portsmouth, UK and they released their debut single, “Old Tattoo”.

For a band that’s just starting out, they are doing a hell of a good job with their catchy lyrics, passionate vocals, and music that will rock your pants off.

I cannot wait to hear more from this band!

You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also listen to them on Spotify!


The floor is… Fiber?

Ok, enough with the three-year-old-meme puns, the floor in Batman Returns is not lava – but according to Batman, it’s high in fiber.

The Losing Score is a UK-based band, with influences from pop punk and alt rock – to my outside perspective, it seems like the members may be fans of Weezer as well as PUP, but that’s just a gut feeling.

The band unabashedly wrote their new song “Eat Floor, High Fibre” about the 1992 movie Batman Returns. The catchy chorus with more laid back verses are a classic combo that’s tried and true, but still great to hear.

Christmas is a few weeks out, but this is probably the closest you’ll see RMP getting to holiday music – take a listen now!

The Losing Score · “Eat Floor, High Fibre”

Find The Losing Score on: their site | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify