Whatever Wholeheart has on the end of this “Spirit Leash,” is bound to be terrifying!

Metalcore band, Wholeheart, from Grand Rapids, MI, give us a straightforward hardcore style with depth-centric guitars for “Spirit Leash.”

This track starts it off with the infamous Pro Tools click track sound that any studio musician most likely despises at this point. It works great with building into the absolute slammer of a hardcore progression though. The guitars are beefy, the vocals are aggressive, and the bass has that low growling nature that pairs so well with the intensity of the track. The instrumentation following the spitting vocal lines brings a freight train of heaviness and unity. The lead guitar lines give the track a touch of melodic appeal that contrasts excellently with the aggression. If you like a to-the-point metalcore style, that simultaneously keeps you engaged and banging your head, this one is worth a listen!

Give Wholeheart and their track “Spirit Leash” a listen, and be sure to follow them for more updates!

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Zebra Libra keeps your dreams alive

Portuguese alt-rockers Zebra Libra have released not only a banging track,”LIVING AS I GO”, but also a quite touching video where they have their fans share their dreams as drawings.

I’m not normally one to enjoy watching music videos, but this one had me hooked. From being the voice actress of a Disney princess to finding inner peace, each of the dreams is unique and inspiring.

Then of course when it comes to the song, Zebra Libra once again knock it out of the park with their 80s-inspired pop rock blend. Catchy, danceable choruses are one of the band’s trademark sounds and “LIVING AS I GO” is no different. Listen now and let us know what your dream is!

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4 Oceans enter the mosh pit “Unbidden,” and they bring Dominic Christoph of Cypecore!

German metalcore band, 4 Oceans, slam out a new heavy track, Unbidden, with Cypecore vocalist, Dominic Christoph.

4 Oceans really kicks into the track with strong synths fading into a depth charge of rhythm guitars. Where this song strikes the ear, is through its rising progression, setting itself apart from a standard grindy metal track. The synth action and intermittent clean vocals help lift the progression while the drums and guitars keep it gritty and metal in production. Growl vocals in this one are well controlled and combo excellently with the sustained cleans. If you want to get hit by a train of metal, but also like quick high-register progressions and melody, this one might be for you!

Give Unbidden, by 4 Oceans (Feat. Dominic Christoph) a listen, and be sure to follow them for future updates!

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Are you Born to Ruin?

Orange County hard-rock quartet Against The Sun have done it again. Fresh on the heels of their recent single, “Chelsea Said”, the band have dropped “Back To Ruin”.

The track blends influences from hard rock and metalcore, as well as something a little different – woahs that seem cut right out of an AFI song.

Ultimately, it makes for an energetic and refreshing new take on hard rock. Take a listen now, and be sure to follow the band so you don’t miss their next track!

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