“Bound to Thrill,” the exhilarating new Letters Sent track!

Germany metalcore band, “Letters Sent,” bring the fast-paced elements of hardcore and metal to their new release “Bound to thrill!”

This track will get your blood pumping with its driving drums, progressing rhythms, and aggressive hardcore vocals. The growl vocals have that nice medium between clarity and aggression, hinting at ties to melodic death metal, but with a higher level of decipherability. With well executed pacing, and an in-your-face vibe, the song maintains energy while transitioning to elevated clean vocals. All in all, this is a punchy song, that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its forward moving guitar lines. The warehouse thrashing in their music video is pretty killer too.

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Jaws of You release debut EP Hyper Fix

Indie/emo artist Jaws of You, the brainchild of Anthony Rainville, have released their first EP Hyper Fix. “Automatic”, the lead single from the EP is reminiscent of an early 2000s emo song, similar to what you may hear from Jimmy Eat World or The Early November.

Three years in the making, the EP is Rainville’s return to music after having played in The Press War for the better part of a decade. Take a listen to “Automatic” now and find the fully EP on your favorite streaming provider!

Jaws Of You · Automatic

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ALESTI does it again, Disconnected feat Telle Smith of The Word Alive

If you’ve been following RMP for any length of time, you know we’re big fans of Norwegian producer and multi-instrumentalist ALESTI. His brand of metalcore, featuring a different vocalist on every track, is a rather unique model for a band… But that doesn’t stop ALESTI from dropping bangers over and over.

His latest track, “Disconnected”, features vocals from The Word Alive’s Telle Smith – take a listen now!

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Like Clockwork, Crownkeeper drop their first single

Brand new metal act Crownkeeper have just dropped their first single, Clockwork. The band who are, like many others, a product of the pandemic, offer a fresh take on metalcore.

While adhering to the genres givens (heavy verses and clean vocals in the choruses), Crownkeeper keep things fresh by having a full, lush arrangement of synths and FX to support the core instruments.

This is a band to keep your eye on, they’ll do great things!

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Hostage drop “Cancer,” in support of world cancer day 2022

Metalcore band Hostage, from Germany, drop “Cancer,” teaming up with Rotarian Metalhead Fellowship to raise funds for world cancer day on February 4th, 2022.

Hostage does a great job incorporating high-movement lines while maintaining a solid rhythm on this track. The guitar riffs are interesting, yet hold the concrete depth that is needed to bring a metal mix together. The amount of aggression in the growl vocals is on point, with lots of energy and a good blend with the clean vocals. On top of it all, the song has that bass and kick drum punch that works so well with grindy riffs in this genre. Stay until the end to hear the ramping tempo transition.

Give a listen to “Cancer,” and be sure to head over to the Rotarian Metalhead Fellowship’s fundraiser page to see what Hostage has been promoting!

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Howl Like Wolves take the “Crown” with their new track!

The German Metalcore band, Howl Like Wolves, hit us with their title track and anticipated EP “Crown!”

This past September, we covered another track from the EP: “Into The Waves,” and this one delivers just as well! The song has the depth of a synth-heavy Bring Me The Horizon track and then adds bursts of aggression and hefty beatdown sections on top. The layering in this track is superb, going from a low intensity intro, to the pounding main riff, verse, and adding in bass as the progression continues. Leaving instruments out and bringing them in to create a fuller section is a strong suit for this track, always bringing the dynamics to the next level. The growl vocals are also tearing it up throughout! The “in your face” vibe of the growls, transferring to the background when the clean vocals pick up, makes for a perfect combo.

Take a listen to this title track off their new EP “Crown,” and be sure to scope out the other tracks from the EP as well!

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Enter Shikari rock Bristol O2 Academy on their Headline tour (Gallery)

One of the UK’s best Rock bands, Enter Shikari, are back on the road headlining UK’s best venues. And with Dinosaur Pile-Up, Nova Twins, Lacey and Holding Absence as their support, there will certainly be no time to stop moshing.

Enter Shikari have kicked off their Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible UK Tour, and we had the pleasure to mosh with them in Bristol on 9th December. The band are undoubtedly one of the best live bands, so we hope you didn’t miss out! But if you did (or just want to relive the euphoria), we snapped some shots at the Bristol O2 Academy.

Enter Shikari continue their UK tour until the end of December, so grab your tickets while you can!

Photos by Kris Kimlickova


Silverstein drop new single “It’s Over”

Canadian RMP faves Silverstein have just released their latest single, “It’s Over”. While we all want to hear the pandemic is over, the song’s lyrics point to a much more personal, introspective meaning of the song.

The song progresses further into Silverstein’s new sound that they have been exploring in the past few years, and I’m here for it. Take a listen now!

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Listen to VOXX! you’ll “Never Look Back”

Hard rock band VOXX, from Tampa Bay, Florida, drop their grungy mix of a track “Never Look Back!”

The track has that raw alternative rock sound of something close to Chevelle, but with it’s own twist, featuring pounding drums and extra heavy rhythms. The breakdown towards the end is a classic hard rock soundscape that throws a great change-up into the song structure. There is lots of great clean vocal processing on this, with the added grit and massive feeling of the lines. If you grew up on hard rock music, and can appreciate a clean but gritty vocal style, you won’t be disappointed!

Give this track a listen, and follow VOXX for future updates!

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