Jaws of You release debut EP Hyper Fix

Indie/emo artist Jaws of You, the brainchild of Anthony Rainville, have released their first EP Hyper Fix. “Automatic”, the lead single from the EP is reminiscent of an early 2000s emo song, similar to what you may hear from Jimmy Eat World or The Early November.

Three years in the making, the EP is Rainville’s return to music after having played in The Press War for the better part of a decade. Take a listen to “Automatic” now and find the fully EP on your favorite streaming provider!

Jaws Of You · Automatic

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“Take It”, you won’t regret it – new music from Lightshore

While the midwest (aside from Chicago) might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of music, it shouldn’t be ignored. With bands like 21 Pilots, Off With Their Heads, The Swellers, and more, there certainly is lots of talent to be found in the midwest.

Lightshore has the chops to become one of the next bands from the area to “make it”. The Bloomington, Indiana, based trio have the combination that’s needed in the alt rock world: catchy choruses, a unique sound, and solid production.

Their latest single, “Take It” is all of the above and then some. Take a listen now, you won’t regret it!

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Young Fatigue Releases Am I Pretty Now?

Young Fatigue tears into the societal standards and unrealistic expectations for body type and image with their second single “Am I Pretty Now?”

Not only does it contain pertinent lyrical content to issues in today’s society, but the track is also full of twists and turns alternating between heavy guitar, calm verses, wide chorus sections, and a pounding drum-heavy breakdown. With a seemingly upbeat chorus, the song is contrasted with dark undertones with distorted guitars and grungy basslines.

Be sure to follow this London based alt-punk band as they continue their journey because you know Young Fatigue has more bangers on the way!

Young Fatigue · Am I Pretty Now?

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These kids love cold weather – keep them warm!

Marking two posts in a row sharing bands we’ve posted before, Cold Weather Kids makes their RMP return with “Keep Me Warm”, one of the songs off of their brand new EP, Quarantunes.

We previously wrote about the band’s song “Holding On“, a catchy pop punk track. For “Keep Me Warm”, the band dug deeper into their influences, blending sounds from bands like Pierce the Veil, The Venetia Fair, and Sum 41.

The song’s driving beat in the choruses propels things forward, while the lead guitar is the highlight of the verses. If you’re a fan of any of the bands mentioned, this is definitely a track to check out!

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EJ Mann swings big with “It’s Automatic”

This isn’t British rocker EJ Mann’s first rodeo: he’s been making music for quite some time now, playing in bands such as The Minority and The Call – not to be confused with the 80s US band of the same name.

It’s often difficult to choose which songs to write about, because there’s so much great music out there these days. “It’s Automatic” made it easy though, grabbing listeners’ attention with a simple, yet classic, drum intro that rolls right into the start of the song.

Newer artists may have made the mistake of jumping into the song right away, or perhaps having a much longer intro. EJ didn’t do that – he found the right spot in between to have a short but effective intro.

Moving on from there, the lead guitar pulls you in even further. As things build through the verse, the arrangement does an amazing job of highlighting the vocals, but keeping the guitars just interesting enough that they’re also a highlight of the song.

Definitely keep EJ on your radar, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more great tracks soon!

EJ Mann Music · It’s Automatic

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