We are digging the “Echoes” surrounding us, thanks to Secondhand Saints!

Metalcore band, Secondhand Saints, from Belgium, just released the diverse and heavy production, “Echoes.”

This has all the contrasts that make an effective metal track with a strong feature of synth melodies. As the song progresses, there are repeating examples of strong call and response growls to the clean vocals. The processing on clean vocals pairs well with the included synths, having a widening effect that grows increasingly spacey as the chorus kicks in. We always love hearing those big guitar chugs and angry breakdowns, and this song delivers there as well! If you like full growling vocals, powerful clean vocals, synths, and chugging guitars, you’ll get a kick out of this one.

Catch “Echoes” by Secondhand Saints in their new music video here! Also be sure to give them a follow for upcoming releases!

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Trying Times are certainly not fading away, with their monster song “Nothing I Am”

US metalcore band, Trying Times, are at it again, bringing us another dynamic metal banger to try out, “Nothing I Am.”

The track has a classic metal intro equipped with a weighty punch into grindy guitars, bass, and strong riffing. As with the last Trying Times track we posted on, “Tidal Wave,” this one continues to impress with dynamic structure, melody, and aggression. The clean vocals hit space in the mix that cater to wide powerful lines that transfer well into the airy yells that we all love. Growl vocals throughout the song also don’t disappoint. With effective spacing and intensity, they offer the contrast needed to pull the story together. I don’t know what Trying Times have going on with their bass tone in this, but it absolutely destroys with that killer bass clang and depth.

Pick up those headphones or crank those speakers because “Nothing I Am,” by Trying Times is worth feeling! Give them a follow as well for future updates!

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