STARSET, Judge & Jury, and Breaking Benjamin are not “Waiting On The Sky To Change”

Starset, Judge & Jury, and Breaking Benjamin are kicking it up a notch with their new song “Waiting On The Sky To Change.”

Contrary to the suggestion, the three groups have decided not to wait around for the sky to change, and instead, blast us with this hard rock masterpiece. The grindy depths of guitar, ambient synths, and flowing vocals all come together for a unified power mix. I have been a longtime fan of Breaking Benjamin, and this collaboration is not a disappointment after a hiatus in releases. The way that each verse pulls you in with smooth bass and vocals creates an excellent transition into the wide catchiness of choruses. I especially enjoyed the aggressive portions in vocals and instrumentation, featuring yells and heavy riffs. If you have been waiting on some solid hard rock, or are a fan of Starset, Breaking Benjamin, or Judge & Jury, look no further!

Listen to “Waiting On The Sky To Change,” by the killer trio: Starset, Breaking Benjamin, and Judge & Jury here, and be sure to give them a follow for future productions!

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Soft Gold is absolute gold!

Estonian metalcore act Pridian aren’t new to the scene – yet at the same time, they are.

Formerly known as ÆØNS, the band are rebranding to Pridian to coincide with the release of their first single featuring new vocalist Laur Lindmäe.

The heavy hitting track is sure to appeal to fans of modern metalcore. Take a listen!

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After Smoke Clears “The Fear” ensues with CJ McMahon!

London metal band, After Smoke Clears, swoops in with “The Fear,” a brutal combo with CJ McMahon from Thy Art is Murder.

What really draws me into this track is the increasingly intense and energetic growl lines. The track doesn’t stop at a singular style of showing aggression, alternating between slow and fast paced yelling. The main riff section really picks up with spitting lines and driving progressions. Being a bass player, I always enjoy a good crunchy bass line, and this track doesn’t disappoint when slowing down around the 1 minute mark. They’ve even found space for a chunky doom breakdown in this 3 minute banger. If you like a constant stream of aggression, with clarity and strong riffing, give this one a look!

Listen to “The Fear,” by After Smoke Clears here, and be sure to follow them for future updates!

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Are you falling asleep watching generic metalcore videos?

That’s what happened to Canadian metalcore act As The Structure Fails – though they weren’t watching, they were filming their video for “All The Weight”.

In all seriousness, it seems to be a commentary on generic and overused shots found in countless metalcore videos, which have become cliche and boring over the years.

If you want to rock out to a killer song while enjoying a good laugh at the expense of the bands As The Structure Fails is calling out, take a look now!

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“Do Your Worst,” that’s what you do best! Commands Outline In Color and Loveless

Post-hardcore band, Outline In Color, team up with Loveless for a melody driven banger of a track, “Do Your Worst.”

Outline In Color have some solid post-hardcore songs that emanate passion and feeling effectively. “Do Your Worst” is no exception to this, with its relatable lines and close ties to personal hardships. Through the song, there is smoothly executed synth transitioning, reverb, and super catchy melodies from verse to chorus. The dynamic shift between sections is killer, bringing the close and personal verses to full and wide choruses. I hope that whoever is doing their worst here realizes and stops making a negative impact on others. If you like the melody driven side of post-hardcore, and you want something to sing along to while banging your head, give this one a peak!

Listen to “Do Your Worst” by Outline In Color, featuring Loveless, and be sure to shoot them a follow for upcoming releases!

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Scarlett O’Hara get spooky with their book on the “Witching Hour”

Texas metalcore band, Scarlett O’Hara, open a portal to Halloween with their new track “Witching Hour.”

This track has all the grungy growls of a typical metalcore song, with the powerful and catchy choruses of a heavier alternative song. I greatly enjoyed the fact that they are literally opening a book of mayhem in their video. The addition of synths and vocal effects in suddenly lower intensity sections creates effective contrast for the following heavy portions. The extra expansive chorus lines fill out the track perfectly with lurking synth and driving guitars. If you like the more melodic side of heavy music, with a touch of spookiness, and combatting aggression, scope this one out!

See Scarlett O’Hara’s music video for “Witching Hour” here, and be sure to give them a follow to stay updated!

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“Quiet Echoes” in a heavy, loud, and pounding track by Dearly Departed

Metalcore band, Dearly Departed, from Polson, Montana, blast out of the gates with their new track “Quiet Echoes.”

Quiet Echoes is anything but quiet, bringing a rampaging drum and guitar progression that carries throughout the entirety of the song. The mix between barking growl vocals and long sustained clean vocals creates an epic atmosphere. I especially enjoyed the gritty growl sections with intricate guitar riffs and chugging. The breakdown section is perfect for a stomping mosh pit, and even features some spacey vocals to transition back to the chorus. If you’re looking for a straightforward metalcore track with lots of energy and a powerful sustaining chorus, give this one a listen!

Take a listen to “Quiet Echoes,” by Dearly Departed here, and be sure to give them a follow for upcoming releases!

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