We’re “Hellbent” on listening to this new Bridges Ablaze track

Metal band, Bridges Ablaze, from Austin Texas, hit us with a hefty riffing track, “Hellbent!”

I enjoyed this track particularly due to its use of heavy guitars, diverse vocals styles, and consistent pacing. While it is certainly a metal song, it doesn’t race to the finish line with overly sped up sections. The speed of the track allows enough room for the riffs and vocals to open up and breathe. The backup vocals and effects mix in for the perfect amount of space and power. The breakdown in the latter half of the song doesn’t disappoint either, complete with a solo and guttural growl. If you’re a fan of the riffing and long sustained vocal style in metalcore, this one may be for you!

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Scarlett O’Hara get spooky with their book on the “Witching Hour”

Texas metalcore band, Scarlett O’Hara, open a portal to Halloween with their new track “Witching Hour.”

This track has all the grungy growls of a typical metalcore song, with the powerful and catchy choruses of a heavier alternative song. I greatly enjoyed the fact that they are literally opening a book of mayhem in their video. The addition of synths and vocal effects in suddenly lower intensity sections creates effective contrast for the following heavy portions. The extra expansive chorus lines fill out the track perfectly with lurking synth and driving guitars. If you like the more melodic side of heavy music, with a touch of spookiness, and combatting aggression, scope this one out!

See Scarlett O’Hara’s music video for “Witching Hour” here, and be sure to give them a follow to stay updated!

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Long Live The Lights sound the “Sirens”!

Houston Texas band Long Live The Lights, spent a whole year perfecting their new track for us and they call it “Sirens”.

Not only is it a straight up banger, it also boldly adds many elements of pop music to the heavy nature of the track. Synthesizers, high production vocals, heavy drums, and big guitars are all present in this piece. Electronic sounding drums mixed with live drums is a hard combo to hit, and these guys nailed it! The vocals are smooth and portray a compelling story backed with the power of the accompanying instruments.

Dive into this track and follow along with their lyric video below!

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HopeFool – The New Age

HopeFool have recently release their second single, “The New Age” and it’s fantastic!

What stands out most in “The New Age”, are the powerful vocals and killer drums.

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