Don’t be caught adrift outside the baselines… Listen to Stealing Home!

Based in the Bay Area, CA’s Stealing Home have dropped an excellently produced new track by the name of “Adrift”.

The mellow pop punk track has a driving, yet intricate, beat that helps push the energy forward from the very first verse. Drummer Tyler Townsend’s performance is dynamic and little details like subtle cymbal hits really add some ear candy to the song.

From a composition standpoint, the song features catchy, memorable leads that are sprinkled throughout the chorus by guitarist Taylor Amaro to keep the song interesting and fresh – you can never be quite sure when the hook is going to jump in and get you.

To top it all off, vocalist Steve Radford’s crooning voice seems to be reminiscing of years past, thinking back to good memories.

Stealing Home is certainly a band I’ll be keeping on my radar, and I hope you will, too!

You can find Stealing Home on: Facebook | Instagram


Lionfight brings a new definition to “heavy”

Based in Manchester, UK, Daniel Jenkins doesn’t sound like the average solo project…

He releases music under the name Lionfight, and his latest track “Heaviness” show that one man can be an entire band. Not only is the song full of aggression and killer riffs, but the production is also spot on – crisp highs, clear vocals, and a solid low end to push the track forward.

You can find Lionfight on: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify