“Do Your Worst,” that’s what you do best! Commands Outline In Color and Loveless

Post-hardcore band, Outline In Color, team up with Loveless for a melody driven banger of a track, “Do Your Worst.”

Outline In Color have some solid post-hardcore songs that emanate passion and feeling effectively. “Do Your Worst” is no exception to this, with its relatable lines and close ties to personal hardships. Through the song, there is smoothly executed synth transitioning, reverb, and super catchy melodies from verse to chorus. The dynamic shift between sections is killer, bringing the close and personal verses to full and wide choruses. I hope that whoever is doing their worst here realizes and stops making a negative impact on others. If you like the melody driven side of post-hardcore, and you want something to sing along to while banging your head, give this one a peak!

Listen to “Do Your Worst” by Outline In Color, featuring Loveless, and be sure to shoot them a follow for upcoming releases!

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