Sailing uncharted waters with Calling All Captains’ “Unlike Me”

Calling All Captains, the Canadian voyagers of pop-punk and post-hardcore styles, have set sail once again with their latest track, “Unlike Me”!

From the first note, I was instantly drawn to the gritty vocal tone and raw aggression that permeates the song. It’s undeniably catchy, but what sets it apart is the consistent edge that adds an extra layer of anticipation throughout. The drums and bass create a hefty groove, keeping the track punchy and driving, while the guitars provide a comforting warmth that wraps around me. What truly impressed me was the impeccable craftsmanship in the song’s structure, as the palm muted verses seamlessly build anticipation, leading to explosive choruses. If you are a fan of the catchiness you may find in a pop-punk track, but like a little extra anger in your morning coffee, get up in this track!

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Heaven Unknown brings on the void of “Nothingmore.”

Heaven Unknown’s new track, “Nothingmore.” explores all the angles of post-hardcore, emo, and metal styles in a dynamic progression.

I was especially drawn to this track due to its free-flowing nature in combination with powerful guitars and vocals. The guitars are big-sounding, with a warm tone, providing a solid resting place for clean and growl vocals. The punchy growl vocals and drums have an awesome contrast with the long sustained clean vocals as well. Sticking around until the breakdown, I loved the spacious effects on vocals and lead guitar to transition. If you’re a fan of the post-hardcore style, and you enjoy a heavy but emotive track, this may be the one!

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Destroy//Create and Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker bring it down to a “Whisper (Printemps)”

Metalcore band Destroy//Create, team up with Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker, to bring us a heavy dynamic story “Whisper (Printemps.)”

With calming clean vocals and guitar building into barking vocals and driving guitars, this song keeps a dynamic flow. I enjoyed listening to the three intensities of vocal styles, mellow, aggressive, and the wide chorus sound. You can really feel the passion put into this, with melody lines and lyrics that pull you in. The instruments keep the track punchy and escalated to match the diverse vocal styles. If you like the story in songs, with contrasting sections and dynamic changes, this one might be worth a listen!

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Father Deer Hands fly with clipped wings in a “Sunlight Dance!”

Australian post-hardcore band, Father Deer Hands, comes out with a track bursting with aggression, “Sunlight Dance.”

Right from the start this track blasts off, not wasting any time getting into it with driving guitars and spitting growls. The song’s energy and consistent aggression remind me of a style similar to Vanna, with its own twist. The guitar progression and riffing brings an uplifting feeling to the otherwise grungy growls. Every instrument has a place to shine and the longer song structure allows more development than a typical punk banger. If you’re a fan of hardcore, punk, and metal, this one is definitely worth moshing to!

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“Do Your Worst,” that’s what you do best! Commands Outline In Color and Loveless

Post-hardcore band, Outline In Color, team up with Loveless for a melody driven banger of a track, “Do Your Worst.”

Outline In Color have some solid post-hardcore songs that emanate passion and feeling effectively. “Do Your Worst” is no exception to this, with its relatable lines and close ties to personal hardships. Through the song, there is smoothly executed synth transitioning, reverb, and super catchy melodies from verse to chorus. The dynamic shift between sections is killer, bringing the close and personal verses to full and wide choruses. I hope that whoever is doing their worst here realizes and stops making a negative impact on others. If you like the melody driven side of post-hardcore, and you want something to sing along to while banging your head, give this one a peak!

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You’ll definitely need sunscreen for these “Ultraviolet” rays from Westhand!

Metalcore band: Westhand, from Detroit, Michigan, fry us with their new track “Ultraviolet.”

We have been covering a bunch of heavy bands with synth production rounding out the mix, and this song is no exception! With many tracks getting shorter and shorter nowadays, this offers a refreshing middle-ground between a ten minute progressive track, and a two minute punk banger. One of the best parts of the song is its diversity in aggressive vocals, moving from growling, to rapping, to yelling. When paired with the song’s expansive clean vocals, the aggression really hits home! Slowing it down for a killer breakdown always gives a certain amount of depth and punch to the song and following section as well. If you like the metalcore style, but want something a little more fleshed out with instruments and structure, this might be the one!

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Wind Walkers strike up a heavy topic with “Dead Talk”

Metalcore band from Massachusetts, Wind Walkers, give us some pop elements with the crunch that we all love in “Dead Talk!”

The track kicks it off with some great excitement building, synth sounds, and a super smooth clean vocal. The song amps up as the progression continues, bringing in those heavy guitars and drums. The melody line is quite catchy and brings a massive sounding sustained chorus line. This track is less on the aggressive growl side, but if you like followable clean vocals, punchy production, and some electronic elements, you’ll like this!

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When there’s a “Tidal Wave” coming, you know these are Trying Times

US metalcore band Trying Times give us some smooth melodies and hefty beatdowns in their new track “Tidal Wave!”

This is another one of those tracks that appeals to fans of melodic sounds, bursting aggression, and wide guitars. The journey branches from soft catchy clean vocals to spitting growls throughout. Really, who doesn’t love a spacey breakdown transition back into that power chorus line? The control of feeling and dynamic changes is well done by the guys in Trying Times on this one!

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From the fiery depths of 11|34, we bring you “Story of a Kid”

Italian post-hardcore band 11|34 give us a heavy riffing track with their new release “Story of a Kid!”

We always like a strong start to a song and this one doesn’t disappoint with an ultra heavy riff playing in tandem with the punch of the kick drum. Layering and progression in this track are well done with a blazing fast guitar line contrasting the flow of the verse vocals on top of the mix. The song fills in immensely when the chorus line hits, bringing a wide vocal melody that anyone could get stuck in their head. With a devilish name, catchy melodies, and well defined guitar parts, we’re looking forward to seeing what 11|34 will be summoning in the future!

Give “Story of a Kid” a listen, and stayed tuned with 11|34 to catch their upcoming EP “Extinction” set to release on April 8th!

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Theatria’s rebirth comes with “Daddy Issues”

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Theatria is not your average band. Founded over a decade ago by producer Todd Barriage, the band has evolved from a solo project into a full band experience.

After a three year break from music, Barriage is back on the horse as a full-time producer… And along with that comes the first Theatria release in four years.

After covering AFI’s classic album Sing the Sorrow in full, it was time for Theatria. “Daddy Issues” combines elements that could be heard in newer songs by Senses Fail, with a vocal timbre similar to that of Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil – bands that, ironically, Barriage is not an avid listener of.

Regardless, “Daddy Issues” is a fantastic track for anyone who enjoys passionate punk-rock with angsty lyrics. It’s not your average happy song – but it’ll get you pumped up to go take on anything life throws at you.

The band also has a great sense of humor, making “Daddy Issues” condoms available on their webstore. Get yours today, before it’s too late!

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Happy Father’s Day from the RMP team!