You’ll definitely need sunscreen for these “Ultraviolet” rays from Westhand!

Metalcore band: Westhand, from Detroit, Michigan, fry us with their new track “Ultraviolet.”

We have been covering a bunch of heavy bands with synth production rounding out the mix, and this song is no exception! With many tracks getting shorter and shorter nowadays, this offers a refreshing middle-ground between a ten minute progressive track, and a two minute punk banger. One of the best parts of the song is its diversity in aggressive vocals, moving from growling, to rapping, to yelling. When paired with the song’s expansive clean vocals, the aggression really hits home! Slowing it down for a killer breakdown always gives a certain amount of depth and punch to the song and following section as well. If you like the metalcore style, but want something a little more fleshed out with instruments and structure, this might be the one!

Give “Ultraviolet” by Westhand a listen, and be sure to follow them for those future updates!

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