Father Deer Hands fly with clipped wings in a “Sunlight Dance!”

Australian post-hardcore band, Father Deer Hands, comes out with a track bursting with aggression, “Sunlight Dance.”

Right from the start this track blasts off, not wasting any time getting into it with driving guitars and spitting growls. The song’s energy and consistent aggression remind me of a style similar to Vanna, with its own twist. The guitar progression and riffing brings an uplifting feeling to the otherwise grungy growls. Every instrument has a place to shine and the longer song structure allows more development than a typical punk banger. If you’re a fan of hardcore, punk, and metal, this one is definitely worth moshing to!

Give “Sunlight Dance,” by Father Deer Hands a listen, and follow them for future updates!

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Bad Moon Born bear the weight of “Fallout”

The hard rock band: Bad Moon Born from Sydney, Australia, give us a heavy riff to jam on in their new track “Fallout.”

The track has an amazingly deep and heavy hitting rhythm guitar section that kicks in throughout the course of the song. The vocal line tells a riveting story as well, with smooth shifts in intensity that show the passion placed into the recording. This has a little bit of everything, appealing to those looking for a melody line you can follow along with, or those looking for big guitars and aggression. If you can appreciate a well thought out song structure, and a healthy blend of gritty and melodic sounds, you’ll like this track!

Take a look at their lyric video, and give your dudes in Bad Moon Born a follow to stay posted on their journey!

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You’ll love FANGZ – try to Prove Me Wrong

When writing a song, at least for a single, it’s important to get to the point. That’s what Australia’s FANGZ do: their new song “Prove Me Wrong” launches right into catchy vocals with a building guitar riff before heading into the first verse.

This is something I feel all artists should understand: it’s totally fine to have a long, drawn out, dramatic intro on a song… But that song should not be your single. So artists, do what FANGZ did: hook your audience from the start so they are intrigued and keep listening to the full song. You won’t regret it!

I could go on and on and on about the songwriting here, but instead I’ll just say this – listen for yourself below!

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Don’t walk, Run, to play this song!

Brisbane, Australia, based Bad Party just dropped their second single – and it’s definitely a party in my ears.

With a tasteful blend of modern metal and pop, the band seems to emulate the sound of Bring Me the Horizon but with the key note that they don’t just rip off BMTH…

Instead, Bad Party brings originality to the table and builds on what seems to be their inspiration to create a new, fresh take on the sound.

Listen to “Run” now to get your taste of the party!

Bad Party · Bad Party – Run

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Let’s go back to where we started

Australian punk band All We Need just released the hard hitting track “Back Where I Started”. Featuring many elements from classic punk (late 80s/early 90s), the song still has the sound of a proper modern production.

If you’re a fan of bands like Off With Their Heads, AFI (for the ohs in the song), or Dropkick Murphys, you’ll be a fan of All We Need.


FANGZ discover who they are

These days, it seems everyone sounds like The Black Keys or Greta Van Fleet (who sounds like Led Zeppelin).

But that’s not the case for Sydney, Australia, based FANGZ.

The band pack a punch in their songs, with driving beats, heavy guitars, and vocals filled with attitude.

If you’re a fan of PUP, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, or other new-school punk acts you’ll be a fan of FANGZ.

Take a listen now!

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Cambridge found us. Or did we find them?

Sydney-based pop punk band Cambridge recently released the track “I Found You”.

While it’s not your typical pop punk song, that’s exactly what I like about it.

Cambridge could’ve created another cookie-cutter, bland All Time Low ripoff. But they didn’t.

Instead they brought together a sound reminiscent of some of Yellowcard’s softer songs with deep, introspective emotions.

This perhaps isn’t surprising, since the band’s leader Brad Smith toured with Yellowcard, as well as many others such as Soundwave Festival (one of Australias largest touring festivals) and the band Mayday Parade.

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Four Bands to Rock Your Sunday!

Today we have four bands to share with you that will end this weekend with a bang!

For starters, here’s Alienist; a five piece metalcore band from Wollongong, Australia. These guys are the best metalcore that I’ve heard in awhile. They just released their second single called, Severance and it’s a banger!

Climate Control are an alternative rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa. As soon as I started to listen to their song, “Feeler”, I was hooked! This song hits all the right places.

Rila’s Edge is so amazing with their catchy chorus from their song, “Drawn In”! They are an indie band from Guildford, UK.

We saved the best for last: Who Saves The Hero? They bring Warped Tour (RIP) vibes with their pop punk song, “Self Destruction”. These guys are from Rhondda, UK.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for listening!