You’ll love FANGZ – try to Prove Me Wrong

When writing a song, at least for a single, it’s important to get to the point. That’s what Australia’s FANGZ do: their new song “Prove Me Wrong” launches right into catchy vocals with a building guitar riff before heading into the first verse.

This is something I feel all artists should understand: it’s totally fine to have a long, drawn out, dramatic intro on a song… But that song should not be your single. So artists, do what FANGZ did: hook your audience from the start so they are intrigued and keep listening to the full song. You won’t regret it!

I could go on and on and on about the songwriting here, but instead I’ll just say this – listen for yourself below!

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FANGZ discover who they are

These days, it seems everyone sounds like The Black Keys or Greta Van Fleet (who sounds like Led Zeppelin).

But that’s not the case for Sydney, Australia, based FANGZ.

The band pack a punch in their songs, with driving beats, heavy guitars, and vocals filled with attitude.

If you’re a fan of PUP, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, or other new-school punk acts you’ll be a fan of FANGZ.

Take a listen now!

You can find them on Facebook | Instagram | YouTube