STARSET, Judge & Jury, and Breaking Benjamin are not “Waiting On The Sky To Change”

Starset, Judge & Jury, and Breaking Benjamin are kicking it up a notch with their new song “Waiting On The Sky To Change.”

Contrary to the suggestion, the three groups have decided not to wait around for the sky to change, and instead, blast us with this hard rock masterpiece. The grindy depths of guitar, ambient synths, and flowing vocals all come together for a unified power mix. I have been a longtime fan of Breaking Benjamin, and this collaboration is not a disappointment after a hiatus in releases. The way that each verse pulls you in with smooth bass and vocals creates an excellent transition into the wide catchiness of choruses. I especially enjoyed the aggressive portions in vocals and instrumentation, featuring yells and heavy riffs. If you have been waiting on some solid hard rock, or are a fan of Starset, Breaking Benjamin, or Judge & Jury, look no further!

Listen to “Waiting On The Sky To Change,” by the killer trio: Starset, Breaking Benjamin, and Judge & Jury here, and be sure to give them a follow for future productions!

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