Embrace your “Different” with Kala and Judge & Jury

Kala and Judge & Jury team up again as a RMP favorite in this high energy, pop punk track, “Different.”

I was especially drawn in by the captivating energy and hefty guitars that stray away from the boundaries of conventional pop punk music. With its unique blend of genres and mesmerizing vocals, this song takes you on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Kala’s lyrics delve deep into the intricacies of embracing individuality and celebrating our differences, reminding us that it’s okay to stand out from the crowd. With its catchy melody and relatable themes, “Different” is guaranteed to get crowds amped and singing along. If you’re a fan of high energy pop punk vocals, driving guitars, and thought-provoking lyrics, this might be the next track to add to your queue!

Listen to “Different” by Kala and Judge & Jury here, and be sure to follow them for more!

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Caleb Hyles, Judge & Jury, and Jonathan Young do not “Idolize” numbers!

Caleb Hyles teams up with Judge & Jury and Jonathan Young to deliver a depth-filled hard rock track “Idolize.”

Caleb started off making big waves in the realm of covering songs on YouTube, and we’re not disappointed with his original tracks either! The guitars have a fullness that really shines through while supporting Caleb’s powerful vocals. In addition to the power held in vocals, there is also a catchiness to the melody line that rings through. The width and heaviness present in this song is exceptional, without any abrasive or overly brutal sections. What really pulled me in was the grit on Caleb’s vocal line in high intensity sections. If you want a solid hard rock song that you can sing to, don’t sleep on this one!

Catch up with Caleb Hyles, Judge & Jury, and Jonathan Young, with their track “Idolize” here, and be sure to follow them!

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STARSET, Judge & Jury, and Breaking Benjamin are not “Waiting On The Sky To Change”

Starset, Judge & Jury, and Breaking Benjamin are kicking it up a notch with their new song “Waiting On The Sky To Change.”

Contrary to the suggestion, the three groups have decided not to wait around for the sky to change, and instead, blast us with this hard rock masterpiece. The grindy depths of guitar, ambient synths, and flowing vocals all come together for a unified power mix. I have been a longtime fan of Breaking Benjamin, and this collaboration is not a disappointment after a hiatus in releases. The way that each verse pulls you in with smooth bass and vocals creates an excellent transition into the wide catchiness of choruses. I especially enjoyed the aggressive portions in vocals and instrumentation, featuring yells and heavy riffs. If you have been waiting on some solid hard rock, or are a fan of Starset, Breaking Benjamin, or Judge & Jury, look no further!

Listen to “Waiting On The Sky To Change,” by the killer trio: Starset, Breaking Benjamin, and Judge & Jury here, and be sure to give them a follow for future productions!

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Mitch Jones, Judge & Jury, and Escape the Fate, collaborate for “Darkness”

Mitch Jones, Judge & Jury, and Escape the Fate, all come together to bring us “Darkness,” a heartfelt pop punk track with a bit of grit.

Upon the passing of Mitch Jones’ close friend, Byron Bernstein, Mitch turned to music, resulting in his second release “Darkness.” On the track, Mitch teams up with multi platinum producer Howard Benson (Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, Hoobastank,) and Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace, together known as Judge & Jury. The song also features Craig Mabbitts from Escape the Fate on vocals. You can really feel the passion put into this one with it’s conflicting push and pull between loving someone an simultaneously and pushing them away. The song brings us through a high intensity progression with plenty of feel-good choruses and great contrasting aggression in vocals. If you like a story with feeling, a chorus you could sing to, and a driving progression, give this one a look!

Give this track a listen here, and be sure to follow Mitch Jones, Judge & Jury, and Escape the Fate!

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