Embrace your “Different” with Kala and Judge & Jury

Kala and Judge & Jury team up again as a RMP favorite in this high energy, pop punk track, “Different.”

I was especially drawn in by the captivating energy and hefty guitars that stray away from the boundaries of conventional pop punk music. With its unique blend of genres and mesmerizing vocals, this song takes you on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Kala’s lyrics delve deep into the intricacies of embracing individuality and celebrating our differences, reminding us that it’s okay to stand out from the crowd. With its catchy melody and relatable themes, “Different” is guaranteed to get crowds amped and singing along. If you’re a fan of high energy pop punk vocals, driving guitars, and thought-provoking lyrics, this might be the next track to add to your queue!

Listen to “Different” by Kala and Judge & Jury here, and be sure to follow them for more!

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These Old Wounds won’t fade

Tulsa, OK, based hard rock band Fight The Fade have released the massive new track “Old Wounds” (not to be confused with the band of the same name).

The song takes the listener on a journey by beginning with an ominous, building intro. As the song progresses seamlessly to the first verse, things seem to reach a plateau until the chorus hits – and it hits hard.

The track continues on to provide great dynamic highs and lows between the verses and choruses, and later in the song an anvil replaces the snare drum to achieve a unique and powerful sound.

Considering the band has been around for over a decade, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of them before – but I’ll absolutely be keeping my eye out for their next release!

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