“How Do You Feel?” We feel pretty good about the new track from Glass Hands

Metalcore band, Glass Hands, from Indianapolis, Indiana, hit us with a catchy metal track with pop and alternative influences, “How Do You Feel?”

This track hits all the feels if you like a strong and diverse vocal performance. There are lots of examples of falsetto, catchy lines, and the grungy growl vocals we love. One of the key aspects to the track that draws the ear, is its unique groove, emphasizing backbeats, rather than beats one and three. This really keeps the guitar lines interesting and provides a compelling combo for the vocal line. Structurally, the song has a lot of effective building of intensity and motion through sections of aggression, high vocals, and grooving guitars. If you can appreciate the melodic and catchy side of metalcore, you might like this one!

Listen in on Glass Hands’ new track “How Do You Feel?” and be sure to give them a follow for future updates!

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“Take It”, you won’t regret it – new music from Lightshore

While the midwest (aside from Chicago) might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of music, it shouldn’t be ignored. With bands like 21 Pilots, Off With Their Heads, The Swellers, and more, there certainly is lots of talent to be found in the midwest.

Lightshore has the chops to become one of the next bands from the area to “make it”. The Bloomington, Indiana, based trio have the combination that’s needed in the alt rock world: catchy choruses, a unique sound, and solid production.

Their latest single, “Take It” is all of the above and then some. Take a listen now, you won’t regret it!

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