“Forsaken,” but this time Everyone Loves a Villain!

Hard rock band, Everyone Loves a Villain, from Spokane Washington, drop an epic and aggressive track, “Forsaken.”

Not long ago we featured a track also titled “Forsaken,” and this one kills it as well! The guys in Everyone Loves a Villain knock this one out of the park with an all encompassing clean vocal, tight riffing, and bursts of aggression. The track has a nice contrast between massive guitars and lightly layered sections with creative electronic production techniques. The tone of the main vocal brings me back to the classic hard rock power of bands such as Disturbed. If you grew up on hard rock and metal, and can appreciate some new twists in production, don’t sleep on this one!

Give “Forsaken” a spin here, and follow Everyone Loves a Villain for future updates!

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Everyone Loves a Villain

From the Pacific Northwest, Everyone Loves a Villain delivers a whopping punch of modern metal. They may be from a small city in the middle of nowhere, but the sound is big enough to fill an arena. They’ve submitted not one, but two killer tracks that draw influence from BMTH, Breaking Benjamin, and more. Take a listen and find more on Spotify!