Howl Like Wolves dive head first “Into The Waves”

Howl Like Wolves dive head first “Into The Waves”

German Metalcore band, Howl Like Wolves, kick it off strong with their second track release “Into The Waves.”

The song has an amazing ability to transition from low to high intensity levels. The calming intro with synth, floating vocals, and lo-fi drums, quickly kicks you in the face with a powerful yell and explosion of live instruments. The track then alternates between calmer verse sections similar to the intro, and soaring chorus sections that open up into a wide heroic sound. The use of synthesizers and the sound of ocean waves towards the end of the song give the track depth that is hard to come across.

If you like heavy music and metal yells, but also enjoy a triumphant lead vocal that brings a melodic sound to the table, you better check this track out!

Give Into The Waves a listen, and stay tuned with Howl Like Wolves to catch the rest of their four song EP, Crown, dropping December 10th!

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