Is Resistor the “Most Hated?” We think not!

The brutal boys Resistor, from Long Island, NY, are back! Bringing us another ultra sludgy beatdown, “Most Hated.”

As with their last track “Demon Time,” this one isn’t for the faint of heart! This track ramps up and explodes from the intro into a heavy drum and guitar section. Just listening to this, you can visualize some metalhead stomping around the venue floor looking to mosh. The record scratching sounds towards the beginning are also a creative introduction to sound design that really draws the ear! Slow, fast, grungy bass, this track has it all with influences from death metal, doom metal, and some industrial style sounds.

Give the deep demon club banger “Most Hated” a listen, and follow the guys in Resistor for future updates!

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You better believe it’s “Demon Time” when “Resistor” joins the party!

Progressive death metal band Resistor, from Long Island, New York, make for a brutal occasion with their new track “Demon Time!”

This track punches you right in the face straight from the beginning with mega grindy guitars, growl vocals, and record scratching sounds! Applause is in store for these guys as they combine unique electronic sounds with a classic showing of pure brutality. The track doesn’t last long, but it doesn’t need to! Being a straightforward thrashing ebb and flow of fast and slow paced aggression, it really gets Resistor’s point across! Stick around for the slow chugs that exemplify how much gritty depth these guys put into the song.

Give this track a listen, and be sure to follow Resistor to stay up to date on their future releases!

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Asuna comes blazing in on “Chariots” with their new track!

Metalcore band Asuna, from Poughkeepsie, New York, drop a blazing new track, “Chariots!”

This song gets right into it with a brutal but grindy progression, but it doesn’t skimp on that power chorus we are all looking for! You’ll find heavy rhythms and lead guitar that show intricacy without overpowering the rest of the song. There is a strong use of panning and right left layering to create compelling transitions as well! This one is a classic heavy hitter that shows the best of both worlds in aggression and melody. I am also a sucker for breakdowns and solos, so get ready for that!

Give this track a look, and follow Asuna to keep posted on their upcoming events!

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Ovtlier make us “Bulletproof”

Nu metal band Ovtlier from New York, give us a taste of invincibility with their track “Bulletproof.”

The track starts out with a spidery guitar progression of impending doom. That’s enough said right there right? You’re probably skipping right down to the bottom to check it out! The piece doesn’t just contain tension building guitar lines though. Ovtlier has included included elements of nu metal, hard rock, and classic heavy metal with soaring chorus lines, big drums, and even a solo guitar section. With a smooth blend of all characteristics of metal music, you’re not going to want to sleep on this track!

Take a listen to this one and catch our dudes on their US tour over the next month!

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The Love Ways want to teach you about a Wild Life

Brooklyn-based The Love Ways have dropped a new track by the name of “Wild Life”.

The title doesn’t miss its mark, the song is full of energy with guitars that are distorted just enough to pack a punch while still having a bit of clean sparkle underneath the crunch.

Take a listen to the song now and let us know what you think!

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We told you you’d be hearing from Last Letters again

In August we wrote about Last Letters, a pop punk solo act from New York. We told you you’d be hearing more from Last Letters and we hate to say we told you so… But we told you so.

While “You Swore” was reminiscent of Angels and Airwaves, Charlie Iwuc, the man behind the band has gone in a distinct Blink-182 direction for his first song of 2021.

“I Love You, Amy Smart” has all the catchy riffs and harmonies you’d expect from a song that Blink dropped around the turn of the century, and is sure to be appealing to anyone who is feeling nostalgic for one of the best eras pop punk has experienced. Take a listen now!

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This is not the end for Lovesick Bombs

Lovesick Bombs is not your typical band.

In fact, they don’t call themselves a band at all – they prefer “art and music collective”, because their aim is to bring together visual artists and musicians.

Their EP This Is the End is out now and features great catchy riffs seemingly influenced by Alkaline Trio, as well as two more laid back acoustic tracks.

You can hear the lead single, “The Apartment” below and listen to the whole EP using the links below.

One thing’s for sure – I hope this is not the end for Lovesick Bombs!

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These won’t be the last words (or letters) we write about Last Letters

Last Letters may not be a household name in the pop punk/emo scene (yet), but the momentum is starting to build.

Not only does Charles Iwuc, the man behind Last Letters, write infectious hooks – the production on his song “You Swore” is reminiscent of Angels and Airwaves guitar delays with the energy of Aaron Gillespie (Underoath) on drums.

The genre isn’t as popular as it once was, so I’m afraid that Last Letters may never get their chance to break out of a niche… But I’m sure that in the heyday of pop punk, Last Letters would’ve been one of the most popular acts there is.

Here’s to Last Letters proving me wrong and breaking through the niche and bringing great music back to the mainstream!

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