The Love Ways want to teach you about a Wild Life

Brooklyn-based The Love Ways have dropped a new track by the name of “Wild Life”.

The title doesn’t miss its mark, the song is full of energy with guitars that are distorted just enough to pack a punch while still having a bit of clean sparkle underneath the crunch.

Take a listen to the song now and let us know what you think!

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This is not the end for Lovesick Bombs

Lovesick Bombs is not your typical band.

In fact, they don’t call themselves a band at all – they prefer “art and music collective”, because their aim is to bring together visual artists and musicians.

Their EP This Is the End is out now and features great catchy riffs seemingly influenced by Alkaline Trio, as well as two more laid back acoustic tracks.

You can hear the lead single, “The Apartment” below and listen to the whole EP using the links below.

One thing’s for sure – I hope this is not the end for Lovesick Bombs!

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