One more and The Dirty Nil

If you’ve been keeping up with what I’ve been sharing on RMP this year, you know this is at least the third time I’m sharing a new track from The Dirty Nil.

Normally I try not to share too much music from the same artist… But these songs have hit me so hard, I just couldn’t resist.

The band’s upcoming third full length drops on January 1st, 2021 and you can rest assured that it’s as killer as the singles from front to back. The album, which is being released by Dine Alone Records, will not disappoint you.

Until the album drops, you can enjoy one more from The Dirty Nil, “One More and The Bill” – take a listen!

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I’ve shamelessly had We Were Sharks on repeat all week

I don’t know how, but apparently I’ve slept on We Were Sharks for nearly a decade. After hearing this song, I asked some friends if they knew We Were Sharks… And one of them did.

So, ensue sharing their back catalog and my friend sending me her favorite songs. Ok, so somehow this band’s music evaded me until now. That’s ok.

Let’s make up for it by sharing their kickass new song, “Shameless”! You can listen below, and if you like what you hear, I have good news: the band will be releasing a new album in 2021 on Known Accomplice/Cadence Records and Revival Recordings.

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The Dirty Nil is ready to hammer this song into your head

The Dirty Nil have dropped another single leading up to the release of their third album, Fuck Art.

The Canadian trio aren’t afraid to go all out, bringing massive gang vocals to “Blunt Force Concussion” over a bed of driving drums, melodic guitars and a catchy hook.

The album drops on New Year’s Day 2021 via Dine Alone Records, so be sure to keep your ears out for more great songs leading up to the release.

In the meantime, enjoy “Blunt Force Concussion” – just don’t headbang so hard that you give yourself a concussion.

You can find The Dirty Nil on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp | their website


Rarity ask that you Leave It Alone

Canadian rockers Rarity just dropped a new track, “Leave It Alone”. The song is a high-energy active rock track feature tight vocal doubling and harmonies, riffs galore, and hard hitting drums.

While I wouldn’t go as far as to say the band are massively influenced by Three Days Grace, the choruses do remind me a bit of mid 00s Three Days Grace – and that’s by no means a complaint.

Rarity is a great up and coming band that we should all keep our eyes on. Take a listen below!

You can find Rarity on the following platforms: Facebook | Instagram | Major streaming platforms


The Dirty Nil are Done With Drugs

Canadian rock trio The Dirty Nil have ditched drugs – and hope that the drugs are done with them, too.

While most artists are unable to work on new music together at the moment (thanks COVID…), The Dirty Nil have an advantage: the trio live together.

That means they can forge ahead with writing and recording new music, getting ready for the release of their third full-length album.

Listen to the song below and stay up to date on the band’s Facebook and Instagram. You can also find them on your streaming platform of choice!

thedirtynil · Done with Drugs