Don’t Whisper – Shout To The World About How Good This Song Is!

We’ve been taking submissions for RMP on a site called SubmitHub for nearly four years.

Until recently, I’d never been sent a song via SubmitHub I liked so much that I immediately bought the album. To be clear, I’ve bought albums from SubmitHub artists before, but only after a week or two of listening and getting into the band.

That all changed last week when This Is Falling of St. Louis, MO sent “Whisper” my way.

Instant. Purchase. That’s how much this band impressed me!

Not only is the engineering and production stellar, the band also knows exactly how to catch the attention of listeners.

What This Is Falling did is what everyone who is trying to get their music heard should do – get to the point already.

So many bands send in songs with 30+ second intros, or a video where there’s no music for over a minute before the song starts.

That’s boooooooring!

This Is Falling did the opposite – “Whisper” punches the listener in the face with a massive sounding drum fill. Immediately.

The rest of the song is killer, too. But DIY bands take note: if you want to be heard, follow in This Is Falling’s footsteps and make your single catch the listener’s attention as soon as they hit play!

Find This Is Falling on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp | Spotify